Coming soon…

Ok so per a request I received, someone wants to know what I think about Monte Cooks Cypher System. There are two games out with it now (Numenera and Strange) and the Cypher System rule book is on pre-order now, it wont be available until August or so though.

The funny thing is even though I list both of the games on my list of games I play, I have only played these on my own. Exercising the rules and seeing if I like the game engine. I have not been gifted with a group that wants to give them a go. I also have not found a group that wants to play via my local game shops, and no, I will never EVER again try to set up a game group via Craig’s List (Wrong kind of role play dudes, really, really wrong).

So anyway, I don’t feel like I can give a full review of either. I can talk about them, but I wont do a full review unless I have had a full table top game with them. So I need to figure out how to approach that.

Anyway I just wanted to let folks know more is coming, and that there is a new page on the blog so that folks can make requests and they will not get lost.

Gimme the dice I need to set a trap for the unwary that would do a Lego spill proud.

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