While we wait… creative moment

Ok so while I figure out how to set up a review that is not a review. An idea hit me three days ago and I am putting it up here in an unrefined manner. This is basically a setting that can be used for writing stories or running RPG’s, or just about anything else that needs a setting really.


  1. A necropolis is a large ancient cemetery with elaborate tomb monuments. The word derives from the Ancient Greek νεκρόπολις nekropolis, literally meaning “city of the dead”.(Courtesy of Wikipedia)
  2. Also a movie from the 80’s
  3. Also a computer game previewed at PAX east last year
  4. Likely also the title for a lot of other stuff but screw it the original definition is what I needed…

On this world or another, after technology and magic had both had their turn, and the people decided to do without them both (welll not to get rid of all the tech) and live life a lot simpler once again. To make this happen they rose up and struck down the lords of technology, the myths and legends, and many of the people who believed in them without end. But the people needed a place, a vault, something in which to put all the remnants of these times, because not all of them could be destroyed. So they started building the underground tombs that would grow, and grow, to become a city under the world. Streets, buildings, vaults and more all put together to simply hold all that had passed. And to keep it from coming to the world above ever again.

What the people did not know is that their legends, myths, and dreams had so seeped into the world that ties existed between all of these things, and the people and beings that had at one time held them. And with all those stories, all that past those things in the Necropolis still lived in their own way. And some wanted back into the world.

Over time the people who looked over the Necropolis and knew what it held came to be the funeral men and women for the rest of the world. Anything that died came to the Necropolis. The last traces of cities wiped out by some natural disaster or war. The last one of any creature as they became extinct. All came to the Necropolis so that it could be hidden away, and hopefully forgotten. And so it has gone for over two thousand years.

The common roles in this world

  • Shadow Guard – The men and women who are trained in many forms of combat and stealth to keep people out of the Necropolis, and keep the things in the Necropolis in it.
  • Morticians – The men and women who catalog and keep track of what is in the Necropolis.
  • Children of Dust – The men and women who feel that a past forgotten is no past at all. They seek to free everything in the Necropolis regardless of what anyone in the world might wish.
  • The Illuminated – A group that feels that it is time for the Necropolis to be opened to all so that the history can be used for peoples benefit once again.
  • The Possessed – People who have come into contact with Remembrances that either came from the Necropolis or should have gone there long ago, and the memories and powers of the past are seeping through into the now.
  • The Bonded – Much like the possessed but these people have come to an agreement with the past that is in their Remembrance and remain themselves in spite of all the history that flows into them.

Other terms

  • Remembrances – A bullet, a bone, a page from a book. Some item from the past that is tied to a specific person, creature, or place. When the history flows through it into a person or animal it may give knowledge, skills, or abilities. It may also come with the personality of the original wielder/owner/creature.
  • Arts – The teachings of the Morticians and the Shadow Guard that allow them to handle Remembrances without falling victim to the personalities that may lie inside.
  • Lost – What happens to items in the Necropolis when people finally stop telling stories about a particular place or item or person. The Remembrances just seem to fall apart. History no longer supporting them.

Unique Personalities

  • The Trickster – Not male or female any more or less than any other. Always cheerful and always seems to be helpful. However the Trickster shows up like a Cheshire Cat and offers advice, and even Remembrances to all sides of any given issue. No one is sure if the Trickster is part of the Necropolis, or was just spawned by it.
  • The Vore – No one is sure what the Vore is, but is has been seen eating Remembrances and growing when it does. Stronger, stranger, and more powerful with every thing it eats. It does not talk, it does not seem to reason. But it only shows up in the between hours and then vanishes.


I had envisioned this place as being a strange mix of Victorian England and an Amish community. People working for or against the Necropolis have slightly more tech, and most people who don’t work for either of those sides really don’t care. I had envisioned someone taking hemp rope and tying something like a dragon bone onto a crocodile and letting the spirit of a dragon possess it, and a man with a page from an old book channeling the equivalent of Bruce Lee to preform incredible feats of martial arts.

The way the mechanic works is that people telling stories, remembering, learning, this all fuels the energies of things from the past. Spirits if you like. Once they actually completely forget, it is gone forever. Unfortunately only some of the Morticians have figured that out, and they are very quietly trying to loose their own records so that not even they know what is there any more.

The Necropolis itself I see as being a city about the size of Mexico City, but all underground, and set up in about thirty to fifty levels. This place is huge. But not a tardis style big, it is just big.

I had also seen most of the characters either starting out in one camp or another, or being visited by the Trickster to get them in motion.

Inspirational admittance

Yeah there is a touch of Warehouse 13 there, and a bit of something like the setting for Torg or Shadow Run. A little bit of Numinera too.

Anyway I hope you like, don’t care if you don’t thought 🙂 Feel free to use it, so long as you give me a little credit for it.

Now gimme the dice, I need to see what the Vore is eating.

  1. #1 by Xenzirril on May 16, 2015 - 3:49 am

    It was one of the problems I had with Warehouse 13 and Friday the 13th (The TV Show); the story device called “The Vault”. Because, just by simple Math and accumulation, you were storing more “inert” power within the Vault than could possibly (or rather, believably) be contained within it. The Librarians franchise also has this problem. At some point you just have to concide, “because we say it works. Dues Ex machina.”

    And to say the Vault has access to enough resources to never be overpowered (In my opinion) is to also say that it draws SO much Energy from the omniverse that it is either a Shining beacon of Life or the Origin Point of Nether Matter.

    At least making it a City Space gives some impression of Power Distribution. I can’t help but get a Planescape: Torment vibe here.


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