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Hey there readers…

So been a bit of a lag, had a rough week and then my weekend was spent relaxing with a great friend and the lady love of my life (she says I can call her my old lady but seriously, I only do that to her face to get her to smile).

So you may remember that when I posted a review about Numenera and the Strange games a gent named Charles reached out to me from Monte Cook games (Prior Post) and after emailing him back I posted the exchange as well (Prior Post 2). Well I heard back from him again yesterday. I can honestly say it is really refreshing to get an answer in regards to questions, and to see what they have to say about shipping and how they handle the materials. He even forwarded the email to another staff member to get in touch with me about replacing the books. I have not heard from the other staffer yet, and with the reply I sent where I reiterated that I was not interested in replacements but interested in making sure that they had their supply chain in control, I may not. What really got me is that apparently Charles is the C.O.O of Monte Cook games… Yeah the Chief Operating Officer of the company checking out blog posts and reaching out to people who may have issues. Now then for all I know Monte Cook games is only three people and all of them have one of the C.O.O types of titles, but it is still really really cool to see that on an email signature from someone trying to address an issue for you.

So below is Charles message to me and my reply is below that. That should have everyone caught up with what is going on. Later this week I plan on finally getting the Lord of the Rings / Middle Earth Role Playing comparison article up… so stay tuned…

Charles Reply – 

Hi, T, and thanks for getting in touch! Sorry for the slow response—with the No Thank You, Evil! Kickstarter in full swing, it can be hard to keep up with the email in-box.

I’ve forwarded your photos on to Tammie. She’ll get in touch about replacing your books. The wear and tear you show is not typical, but these are 416 page books, which sort of pushes the limits of case-bound spines.
Regarding our logistics, we maintain a warehouse (located in the Atlanta region), from which our products are shipped as ordered by pretty much all serious game distributors (including Alliance). It’s a very typical arrangement. We individually shrink-wrap our 416-page books to protect them in storage and shipment.
My reply to his reply, to the reply to my reply of the reply… Ahhhhh you get it…
Hello Charles
As I said in the email with the pics, I have no need for a replacement. The books still get the job done. My concern is in regards to the supply chain. I know that not everyone is as game crazy as I am and conditions like the ones I saw may cause a loss to your customer base. Personally the last time I saw books in this kind of condition they were books that had been sampled by US Customs, or had been dropped roughly by the case load when being unloaded in the US upon arrival from the printer in China. It sounds like you have a good system in place to check items before sending them to the distributors though so I think it would be unlikely that you would ship books in this condition.
I do want to thank you for taking my feelings about the books seriously, and for your direct approach to resolution. It is very refreshing. I am looking forward to lots of great projects from your team, and hopefully a very long and successful company presence in the games industry.
And that is it so far. Seriously though folks how often do you think that this sort of thing happens? I mean think about it. I voiced my thoughts in a public place and ended up with direct assistance from one of the company’s chiefs. You don’t hear about many companies that would do that. So even though my two original emails that were sent when I originally bought the books seem to have been lost in the shuffle, I am willing to put Monte Cook Games customer service back on the good side.
Well thats all today folks, now gimme the dice, I gotta see if my sprite can pilot a mech…
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