Lost in the Weeds

Greetings to all/both (heh) of my readers. It has been about six months now since my last post, and I just got a nudge today from a reader and so here I am back again. I will post something more substantial soon.

The delay has been caused by promotion at work, getting engaged, buying a house planning a wedding and just not having a lot of time to really dig into anything gaming. Well save for picking up a few new things, a few PDF’s of older games and waiting with total impatience for the results of a KickStarter to show up at my door (again the heh).

After the KickStarter shows up I will need a little time to digest it but I want to do a solid review of No Thank You Evil from Monte Cook Games. This looks like one of the best ideas for bringing smalls into gaming that I have ever seen and even though I have my PDF copy from the KickStarter, I want to have the box in hand before I really dive into any kind of review.

Additionally I am planning to work up something for Teenagers From Outer Space (vintage fun from R. Talsorian Games), Heavy Gear (both a strategy game with mini’s and an RPG with a very creative system from Dream Pod 9), an article about my thoughts on licensed products and one way we could make them better, and maybe some reviews about classic adventure modules that are turning up more and more in PDF form.

So there is more coming, hopefully soon.


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