Used book stores

Ok so I have talked about chasing down old and out of print games before. I have talked about my methods of going after them and all the fun that you can have if you are a fan and you really find something good. Well this is likely to be a short post, however I wanted to take just a moment and say WOOOOHOOO in regards to one used book store in particular.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I look for classic RPG’s and things that are on my list of games I have played but are no longer in my library all the time. Of late I have been jonesing a lot for some of the stuff I played in the way back times but have not seen for a while. In the last year I have found three of those games, and I have found them all in one store.

Torg, and Paranoia second edition from WEG, and Gamma World third edition. I found Gamma World yesterday and was very surprised to find a boxed set with not only the original rules but all the printed supplements that usually get lost from the boxed sets, a GM screen from second edition and the GM screen for 3rd edition with the added adventure supplement all in the box and all for only forty bucks. When I hunted on eBay or Amazon for the box set for second or third edition Gamma World I usually find incomplete box sets for about a hundred bucks. Paranoia I found for seventy, and even though the book inside the box was a little messed up the last time I checked for it online it had been going for about 120. Torg, well since it had the complete master deck set of cards I had been expecting it to go for over 200. They had it for thirty. All in all several great deals.

And I said it was all from one store. So this is my big plug and I hope that gamers looking for out of print material start hitting them up. Half Price Books in Redmond Washington. Not everything they have is a steal like that when it comes to classic games. They have out of print modules that you can find in PDF format online for 3-5 bucks for anything from 15-50, so for me those are a no go. But the Forgotten Realms Horde boxed set for fifty… that might be worth thinking about.

Anyway I am not sure what is going on right now with Half Price but their stores (at least the ones that I go to) seem to be getting an influx of gaming materials lately. So I want to thank whoever has been selling off their stuff, and to Half Price for not going full collectors market price on some really cool things.

Does this mean that I am going to do a Gamma World review in the near future… maybe.

For now though just gimme the dice, I gotta see if this kinda luck keeps rolling crits.

  1. #1 by dantherpgman on May 22, 2016 - 6:35 pm

    *deletes Gamma World from the gift list*

    Wow, those are some GREAT deals! Really fun when you find something like that 🙂


    • #2 by authortao on May 23, 2016 - 1:34 am

      I know I love it. I have to say though anyone coming up with a full copy of first or second edition of Gamma World would still be given a great big THANKS 🙂 heh


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