Hey there to all the readers and browsers.

So a little over two months since the last post… sheesh. Ok so sure I have been working on the house with my WIFE… yeah married now too… that just happened earlier this month. Things have been crazy at work, and well… life… And working on this blog is pure fun so sometimes its going to slide.

No new reviews at this time and space, however… I have been without a game group to do RPGs for a while now. And the urge is building. And I have the urge to run a game not just play in one. That means getting creative and setting up a world, putting adventures in place and making an overall plot that players can delve into or ignore and just play in my sandbox. Or at least that is how I do things.

With that in mind I want to actually do my world building in a somewhat public fashion this time. That means that while I will still do reviews from time to time I am going to start up a series of entries based on the world I am building for a game. I will be talking about house rules, world features, cultures, and maybe even mention that I hate Gnomes over and over again while working a Gnomepocalypse into the history of this new world… #*%*&@ Gnomes…

I can tell you now that with the number of players that I have worked with in the past that I would enjoy inviting I want to take things easy on them rules wise. So I cant go and pull out something like Hero System, or that they have never seen before like Eclipse Phase. But I cant make things fall into D&D 3.0. That has been replaced with Pathfinder as my fantasy go to… Ok so thats the first decision out of the way… its going to be a Pathfinder fantasy setting…

Ok so I am out for now… worlds to build and such… so gimme the dice and go play nice with each other.

  1. #1 by dantherpgman on October 31, 2016 - 3:36 am

    Cool, glad to see a blog post up and running and looking forward to seeing what you spit off the dome.


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