World Building 102

So in my last post for world building I ended up with a few rather interesting questions that will have strong impacts on culture and faith in this new world. Just to repost that one big question here I want to make sure we all see it clearly…

6 – If you have folks around who may remember or may have helped the gods create the world then religion is going to have a very strong support base in the common folk. So I am going to need to set up a pantheon and figure out just how many people DON’T support the faith. That’s right. Those who don’t worship would be notable unless the gods have done something, or allowed something, got distracted or, well, if the gods have #$%^ed up (like when they got pissed in the Dragonlance setting). So maybe I had better answer that first. Are the gods active, and have the #$%^ed up…

Faith being a bone of contention is fairly common in a lot of fantasy settings. Is a pantheon so busy in fighting that nothing really gets done for the majority of the people? Do the believers of opposing gods end up fighting each other so much that its hard to move forward culturally? Do the gods actually care? There have been a lot of different worlds and tales that run, well, all over the board really. So do I borrow and make it blatant? Or do I try to mix things up a bit. Awww yeah I am going to mix it up a bit.

Ok so, first things first. I need a pantheon. I can flesh them out in full as I go, or later. I don’t want to get into the Forgotten Realms 20 primary gods and then a few dozen others. I don’t want a single god for each race. I want forces that the players can relate to but will still have that much more than mortal feel. So the best way to do that is to have a mix of greater and lesser gods. I think I will make one god for each of the nine alignments, and make them the lesser. And then four greater forces that are so much more than mortal that they don’t even have alignments. So the lesser I can tinker with later. The greater… Life, Death, Magic, and… hmmm what makes another great force that goes outside… Time (Chronos)? Boundaries (Terminus)? There has got to be… oh wait… heh. Ok so the first mystery of this world. Who/what is the fourth power. Mortals would know there is one, but not be able to find any reference to it. Other than obscure things like “And together the four exerted their power and … blah blah blah… religious overtones… blah blah…” This could really work well. I will just have to extract enough timeline to figure out where the fourth went missing… if it was right at the start, or if there is… ohhh, oh yeah. Nope, we have a big bad sighted.

Looking for a mega time line, gods show up, make shit. Things move smoothly for a little bit, big bad shows up. Gods leave mortals (and yes nearly immortal elves are still mortal they just live a long bloody time) with a bunch of guardians and then move off to fight the big bad. Mortals piss off guardians while gods are gone (cause it is something mortals do look at nearly every faith and mythos on earth). Gods come back with one missing. Queue up the empty space in the pantheon. Big bad gets foothold on this world. Some guardians join the big bad, some keep protecting. Stalemate ensues. Enter present day for gaming.

I love epic fantasy. I also love things like Lovecraft’s elder gods, but I don’t think I want to go elder gods for the big bad here. Looks like it is time to spend a little time with the Bestiary 1-5 books and see about a big bad… and maybe look at the character races I want to allow. Classes and that sort of thing can come later.

Ok thats it for this entry. Just so anyone doing on going reading knows I am actually a little further along in the process than this. I am just trying to make these entries easy to digest instead of ranting on for a couple thousand lines and loosing anyone who might be along for the ride.

Keep the games going folks…

Now gimme the dice, I need to see if this is indeed the one doughnut that will in the breakfast bind them.


  1. #1 by dantherpgman on November 28, 2016 - 2:33 am

    You’ve always had the gods be a pretty significant part of your worlds, with a lot of story and background revolving around them. I’ve always been more like “Eh, here are the gods, they’re around if anyone cares.” : ) Just stylistic differences. These are great, keep ’em up!


    • #2 by authortao on November 28, 2016 - 2:43 am

      Thank you again. This time I am feeling more like keeping them high end powers that mortal minds wont really get. I may step outside the box a little and actually remove things like alignment from them completely to represent their more alien thought process from mortal minds.


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