World Building 105

Ok so all the way back in World Building 101 and 102 I was talking about the meta/mega/cosmic timeline. And just to quote my own post…

Looking for a mega time line, gods show up, make shit. Things move smoothly for a little bit, big bad shows up. Gods leave mortals (and yes nearly immortal elves are still mortal they just live a long bloody time) with a bunch of guardians and then move off to fight the big bad. Mortals piss off guardians while gods are gone (cause it is something mortals do look at nearly every faith and mythos on earth). Gods come back with one missing. Queue up the empty space in the pantheon. Big bad gets foothold on this world. Some guardians join the big bad, some keep protecting. Stalemate ensues. Enter present day for gaming.

So I have run through the Bestiary books and I have an idea now for the big bad. It may mean that I need to revise some of the ideas that I have had for deities but that is not all bad. I will also be grabbing a little from some of the older pantheons of our mundane earth myths and faiths. But I see that as a good thing as it will give me something to tie the players into.

So I have decided that the Pantheon for this world will be Four Great Powers and Nine Lesser powers. Working together they created this world. And this is what the mortals of the world know. However if I look at many other myths and faiths I can see that gods do not always work directly. They frequently use proxies or avatars to set things in motion. And that means having a few specialists on hand. And if you have a project the size of a world, or solar system or even a full crystal sphere (see the old TSR Spelljammer setting it was actually a cool idea as far as I am concerned) you may need either lots, or very big specialists.

So how about using Titans and Giants. Physically huge. Very powerful. And traditionally used as foils for the gods in multiple world histories. However in this case instead of the Titans preceding the gods, or the Giants being formed at the same time (Greeko-Roman or Nordic respectively) The gods created them specifically to be the massive engineers, and designers of the world. To show how chaos and order could work writ large. And even to help palace and set in motion the sun and moons. So the Titans and their own creations/subcontractors the Giants put all this together. Build it up and get it ready for use. And then the gods pull them aside and put them out in the nothing that is out there in the rest of reality and set about bringing other life into this world. Ok so that has to piss off the Titans. Being that they are makers and creators and have some rather vast powers of their own, and they had really been hoping to have this place they created as their own. I mean just think about all the vast open places and… well lets just say they built well and really could have enjoyed a few centuries vacationing inside and on a work that well detailed. So instead of just setting on their laurels, being pissed as they are. While the gods create the mortal races and the animals that are on the world in question the Titans and their Giant creations decide to take the realm for their own, or destroy it utterly and deny the gods its use. Just for the fun of it we will say they decided democratically (one being one vote regardless of power level) and with a 81% majority they decided to invade.

Ok so someone is going to ask why did I say 81% and not all of them. Because this gives me as a story teller and GM the opportunity to have a few of these beings actually be good guys as far as the mortals are concerned.

Finding that the gods had blocked others from entering the realm wholesale, the Titans and Giants reached into their powers of creation and built what they have dubbed the Extreme Realms. In game mechanics we would call them plains. Elemental, ethereal, astral, and so on. Each one of them so focused on one aspect of everything they used in creation it could actually create a pinprick (relatively speaking) connection to the original world.

Not wanting to be disturbed while they established all of the mortal races and creatures, the gods created guardians for their realm. Not as powerful as the Titans, but working together they could make a massive impact. Dragons. Now then in making this statement anyone looking over the game books will see that as published by Piazo dragons will usually if fully mature and in the height of their power, outstrip most of the titans they have published. To that I say, “So what?” tweak a few numbers and tah dah, its all good.

So with Dragons guarding the opening spaces, the gods teach the mortals that the Dragons are there to protect them and as such, should be respected, and cared for, and even indulged. And for two thousand years or so its all good. The gods however eventually get tired of the Titans and the Giants beating on the outside of their realm and decide to go out and take care of it. Telling all they will be back soon… kinda forgetting that mortals see time differently… they step out. It takes a thousand years or so but finally the mortals get pissed. Quit supplying the dragons with food, gold, and respect because the gods are too busy to answer their prayers, and say screw you to all. A great age of atheism ensues and for about five hundred years worship is given up.

That period is what the Titans needed to take out one of the gods. Less worship, less respect and that means less power. The remaining twelve gods retreat but they cannot seal up the realm as well as they have in the past. The pinpricks to the extreme realms become wider and while a vast number of the dragons return to the gods side, many defect to the Titans when they hear the Titans version of history. The gods get back to working with worshipers and answering prayers. They slip a few more things into spell books and try to make up for lost time like absentee parents. All to build up more power to take on the Titans again.

Ok so that gets everything lined up. Titans and Giants either want the world they helped design and create or they want to destroy it.

The real question that leaves though is WHY did the gods want the Titans out in the first place. The answer to that is easy. They are primordial beings. They have a huge amount of power and it leaks from them. Things they have created do not stay stable if they are around. The Giants are actually all supposed to be one race. And in the Titans eyes they are. However if you look at Fire, Frost, Storm, Desert and so on in the published books you can see well over a dozen types. And if you add in Ogres and Trolls you get even more. Cyclopes are where it starts getting extreme. But you can see where I am going with this. The gods wanted a stable world. Something that would grow and evolve, not mutate and spawn randomly.

Does this mean that all monsters and alternate races will be coming from exposure to the Titans. No. This is a big world and there are other continents on it. There is no telling what the gods may have put in other places. Or discarded and forgotten about. Did you also notice that I only used up about 3500 years of the 5000 year time line I talked about for the age of this world. Two things there, remember I said 5000 or so, that can mean less. Also not really sure how long it took the Titans to actually build all this up… so it may be all used up already.

Now then here is the scary thing. Most of the gods (I can already tell there is at least one dissenter to this idea) want the mortals to know nothing of the history the Titans have with this world. They want them seen as invaders, outsiders, or the ultimate threat. Or even all of those. But they dont want mortals to know that the Titans and the Giants actually built this place. And to that end they are doing small things to keep the mortals from encountering the Titans until they have indoctrinated the faiths fully. That is why things are at a stalemate. The gods are actually keeping the Titans from seeing where the mortals are, and the gods are causing small issues to keep the mortals from exploring the places the Titans have taken over.

So that is more than enough reveal for now. Next post I am thinking about going more into the racial cultures, or to start talking about game mechanics. Classes and so on. And never fear I will also be revealing the gods soon.

Now gimme the dice, I gotta make a check to see if the Smurfs can be explained by any of this stuff.

Play nice and stay safe in winter all 🙂

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