World Building 106

Welcome one and all to the ongoing saga of me building a world for table top gaming. Last episode I revealed what was going on in the meta/mega/uber history of the game world. Stuff that no character should know in game for quite some time. This section is stuff they could and maybe should know about depending on their character race and background. I have a feeling WB106 will have all sorts of A B C extensions because I am going into racial cultures and backgrounds. The only real question is what race to start with first… Ok lets go with Goblins.

Goblins were created near the end of the gods period of making the mortal races. The big and showy environments like oceans and mountains had already been covered. But these vast flatter areas like the plains and deserts had no real sentient life in them. Sure there were animals and some of them are really impressive. But there was nothing there to try and drive or control those areas. Since the gods did not want to let any race run completely free and mayhap over take everything else they had created, they decided to create the goblins as a smaller, more intelligent species. They tanked the goblins wisdom and social skills to keep them from using their natural intelligence and speed to overtake any of the other races. And to make them vulnerable to predators.

Even with a lower wisdom that some of the other races the goblins learned quickly. They adopted a written language before any other race and built walled cities to compensate for their lack of physical power. Truly, many of these advancements were spurred on by hints from the gods, however the goblins would have made many of them without divine intervention. The goblins were the first to form nations. And they are responsible for formalizing magic into the schools of wizardry. Their schools of magic are the most impressive and other races fight for the chance to gain admittance.

With the help of the halflings the goblins made their major cities trade hubs. The dwarves had metals, the humans had wood and lumber, the elves had items unique to the seas. And the goblins needed all of these things to build up their cities. The halflings being masters of trade and being social wanderers were happy to help out. Their caravans brought products and peoples to the goblin cities and they helped the goblins form positive relations with many other kingdoms.

Being knowledge hungry, the goblins have tried to replicate dwarven smith work. But as the dwarves refuse to share their refinement processes, or sell the highest quality ores goblin work is usually a significantly lower quality than theirs. But still higher than human or elven work. They have also tried to replicate human wood work. With the same kind of results as they see in their metal work. While some goblins are jealous of the work of the other races, most consider it an accomplishment to come close and see it as a chance to improve later.

The goblins hunger for knowledge and racial lack of wisdom has caused them no end of social problems. And the goblins that go looking for something new or to try and surpass their predecessors has given the goblins a reputation as a people that likes to blow things up. Physically, socially, magically. Things will blow up because they do not think it through. However should anyone survive the experience they do record it all. And they publish as much as they can… printing and copying books is done by hand so it may take time for a confirmed idea or warning to spread.

The biggest pride for the goblins is their races use of magic. Their wizards are the best trained. Their colleges have the most impressive libraries and spell collections. When it comes to working with magic they are the top of the food chain among the mortal races. While there are a great many personalities and opinions about magic most goblins take the stance that they will show others races the basics, but that they really need to develop magic on their own. This is because they know their own history and how much failure, as well as success has taught them. This is their one big point of wisdom as a culture. It will never stop them from trying to get as much as a they can from everyone else however. Because, well, goose and gander does not really make sense to them as a whole.

Goblins do have standing military in each of their cities. They function both as police and as soldiers. The lowest ranks are the mercenaries that they hire from other races. The main duty on the soldier side is to keep the farms and roadways safe from predatory animals and rouges.

Goblins also have an organized form of government. Maybe a little too organized. Each city has an independent governor. Each governor has control over his city but also has official relations with every other goblin city. This creates a web of inter city relations. In each city the governor will have between three and ten lieutenants who are responsible for overseeing specific duties. Those specifics change from city to city. Each lieutenant has a group of domo’s who are in charge of sub functions of their specific responsibility. Then come the egriero, and then the commissioners. The commissioner is someone who actually hires or commissions people to get things done. The web that this can create in a city can get rather arcane. And there is a rumor that in some cities there are governors who actually also work as their own commissioners. Additionally there are rumors that this sort of twisted web of government social structure is also the precursor of some massive social spell being cast by the goblins and when everyone is in the correct alignment the spell can be cast. No one has yet to confirm or deny this rumor, which has many worried.

Ok so that gives you something to go on for goblins… another race next week…

Until then keep the dice rollin and play it safe in the cold.

Now gimme the dice, gotta see if I can help the wife roll up breakfast. 🙂

  1. #1 by dantherpgman on January 21, 2017 - 8:52 pm

    Well of course you started with goblins…I mean it’s either that or gnom… *gets hit by a sling stone*


    • #2 by authortao on January 22, 2017 - 3:34 pm

      Thank you sling man #7 for assisting in maintaining a … you know what… free environment 🙂


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