A Brief Pause

Hello all readers…

Ok so you likely noticed if you have been following the blog that I have been doing one a week for a little while now and then suddenly, last week, nothing. Yeah. Christmas. Family. Sorta had other things to do.

This week. New Years. Snow. Sorta had other things to do.

However I am posting this so you know things are still coming. The world is still being built, and fun will still be had.

Personally I am going to start mixing more reviews and rants in with the world building, and some time in February I plan to put a post out about gifts to gamers. Not so much a rant or review but honest advice for both gamers that want stuff and people who have no clue what the hell to get a gamer in their life. Might have been handy before the holiday season I know, but you can look forward to it for 2017.

Happy holidays to everyone, play safe in the season, and lets do what we can to make 2017 a crit.

Gimme the dice, I gotta see just how much I can push this breakfast thing 🙂

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