World Building 107

Yeah we had another gap week. Life… you know how it goes.

I know there are two more races to talk about in more detail and there are a ton of other little details that could be gone over. But at this moment what I want to do most is start bringing things together so that the game world at the start of a game series can be seen. There will be bits and pieces that come up in this one that will require readers to roll with it because they don’t know those other details. I hope that everyone can just roll with it.

So on this world, adventure starts out on one continent. Five races make up the main population. The gods had left for a time without explanation, but came back about fifty years ago. Minus one of their number, that for some reason, none of the mortals could remember the name of. The dragons who at one time guarded the mortal races have become divided over whether they should protect them any more. And some of them have actively defected to the enemies of the gods. The mortals, blissfully unaware of enemies of the gods go about their lives trying to pursue whatever goals and dreams they enjoy. Some of the mortals, especially the wandering Halflings, and the more primitive humans who live in the wilds have seen things that make them wonder if there is not a bigger change, or problem coming. About seventy five years ago the first stories of strangeness started coming back to the rest of the races from the humans. But until twenty years ago, when a bear hide that was over five feet high at the shoulder and had many other unnatural features made its way to one of the goblin cities, no one took them seriously. Now only a small portion of the various peoples of the world think that something is going on, but more evidence is finding its way to cities and courts all the time. Even among the humans in the North East of the continent, where these things are most common, not all believe.

In the central part of the continent where the Goblin cites stand tallest innovations continue. Alchemy and magic are mixed in odd ways. Ideas with little or no practical purpose are chased, and business is good. In one of the smaller goblin cities, the governor Gillim Flamecaster is working on two things. He is trying to get a group of governors together to make a decision that will affect all of their cities, and he is also trying to act as his own commissioner, in disguise of course, to get a group or even several groups, together to investigate the strange things that are rumored to be going on in human territories.

Under the mountain ranges in the south west of the continent the current lord of the forge, Lady Deliandriaiin Mournhammer is for the first time in a hundred years looking at the possibility of taking a mate. Her rule over the dwarves has been one of the most stable they have seen. She codified the export of raw metals and alloys and dwarven goods to the outside world. She was the first lord of the forge to open direct relations with the elves. And in the last few years of her reign her people have been worried. No mater the clan, no mater the holding, the people think she has been ‘one’ too long. Now that she is actively looking at developing a relationship and moving forward, which should be a positive to her people, she has been spending a lot of time with a halfling woman. Her people do not care that she is with another woman, but the fact it is a halfling. This has clans in an uproar.

On the islands to the west of the continent the elves, well for the most part they are elves. But they have all started talking about the bodies of whales that have been turning up on their island homes. Some have had huge bites taken from them, others have had full trees punched through their bodies like spears. While many of the families are talking about what to do, representatives from a couple of islands have headed to the continent to see if there are any strange things going on there as well.

The humans with their connection to the wild places have been noticing a change for years. Like a pervasive shift in the way things happen. Bird migrations shifting, plants not growing in the same volume as they have in the past. The strange dire creatures that were once very rare becoming all the more common. They have sent word to the other races through the halflings before, but it seems no one else really cares. At least to them. They know the change is underway. Not coming, not soon, but it is ongoing. But they have no idea if it is a natural change or if it is being pushed by someone or something. This worries them.

The halflings continue to be everywhere. Trading information, music and goods all over the continent and occasionally to the elven islands as well. Many of the caravan matrons see something coming, but like the humans they don’t know if it is natural or pushed. However they suspect. They suspect it is not natural. And so now more than ever before the caravans are trading information on the secret locations they have set up. Where they have been hiding some of the best goods and more useful items they have stumbled across in their travels. Since all of the caravans are trading more and more information about their caches, it is getting harder and harder to know if there is someone out there looting them, or if there has been a need when they find one or more that have been emptied.

The dragons no longer debate. For over a hundred years they argued and discussed and even fought over whether it was right to still serve the mortal races. To guard them from the coming titans and their creations. Or to let them fall. Of the one thousand dragons created, lines have been drawn. Three hundred and eight side with the mortals. Four hundred and seventy three side with the titans. And the remaining two hundred and nineteen have decided to go it alone.

The titans have their foot hold in the world. In the extreme northeast of the continent, in the frozen wastes near the top of the world the first hole was opened and they work to keep it that way. Lesser titans and giants are already at watch in the physical world. Speaking with the dragons and looking to the local life forms to see what they can do to add to the number of troops they have on hand. They know the gods had plans for the mortals, and that involved growing into something more than they were, stretching their reach and being challenged on the other two continents on this world. So many of their minions are heading to those other places to see if they can find what the gods left there.

The gods are worried. The mortals were never meant to know about the titans. About the giants, or the powers they wield. The dragons were to be a last line of defense, not a first. The missing god worries them the most though. They found no trace after the conflict, and they do not know if the god has been reconstituted elsewhere, or has truly been destroyed forever.

And somewhere, out there in the dark beyond this world. In between the spheres that the gods have made containing their little worlds and realms. Something as old if not older than the gods has taken notice. And they stir.

This is the very big overview of the world that an adventure would be starting in.

Now gimme the dice… I gotta see if I can roll up a bachelor party.

  1. #1 by dantherpgman on February 27, 2017 - 1:38 am

    Love the setup here! You’ve certainly got lots of conflict points to draw the players into and get them invested in the world. I know this is a public blog, but would this info all be available to the players at the beginning of the campaign?


    • #2 by authortao on March 3, 2017 - 2:40 am

      That is a very good question. I would like to play with a group of players who understood the difference between player and character knowledge well enough to have access to all of it. But I know that in many cases, its hard to get players that good…


      • #3 by dantherpgman on March 3, 2017 - 9:19 pm

        For sure. I hope you do get a campaign up and running in this world, I would love to hear how it all pans out.


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