Delta City part 1

Hey all

So back in the late 90’s I had the inspiration to create a place where all of my friends could write stories, set RPG’s and have fun. Well it never took off really. I could not get folks interested in sharing. But the exercise itself was a lot of fun. I also ended up creating several characters/NPC’s (however you want to view them) that sort of demanded that I block out a series of events in the timeline for the city that was more highlighted fiction than anything else.

At this point in time it has been several years since I have added anything to the timeline for the city, and I have been trying to figure out how to share it again. So I am going to do a series here on the blog that goes into the city, parse out the info and let the rest of the world do with it what it will.

That being said I retain the rights to all the characters and locations that are in the material that is published here for Delta City and the fiction that is posted. If you want to use them in any way shape or form you have to give me credit. That’s it. Other than that feel free to insert it into your fiction, your games, whatever. Simple aint it.

So this first post is going to talk a little about the city, when I post the second part, and those that follow, will be material from my documents. To be honest I have about 300 pages of material between all the different bits of fiction, timelines, maps and so on that I have created over the years.

So what the hell was I building?

Like I said I wanted to build a place that all of my friends could use in some way. That meant that I needed to have a location that could run fantasy, sci-fi, supers, horror, modern fantasy, military, espionage, and a host of other things as games, stories, debates or whatever else came to mind. So to put all that together I needed three things, a location, a reason why all these things were possible, and a way to fit it into the rest of any other world without anyone noticing. The second and third items came together for me really easy. The first one bugged me for a while until I found a place that I could put a major city in the real world that already had a couple of small towns. I am sure that if I get readers in that area they will be annoyed that I removed their towns from history, but hey, that is the way fiction works some times.

The mechanic that I came up with to explain why all these things could come together was the idea of World Walls. Sort of a dividing line between this reality and others. Not only are they very thin in the area of Delta City but there is also a focal point for them that is called the Well of Worlds. Sometimes also called the Core. For some reason the Well of Worlds bent things so that unless you called Delta City ‘home’ then you had a tendency to forget it was even there.

You may notice the use of the past tense there. Well that is because in the fiction I wrote I had a series of events happen that ended up bringing Delta City to the attention of the world. And when that attention was grabbed the whole world ended up not being able to let go and it changed things. I kinda left things there because I had so many ideas about how to take it further I could never sort out what way I wanted to go.

Eventually I moved on to other projects, but Delta City always runs in the back of my mind. The place ended up taking on a life of its own and I just wrote down the stuff I noticed going on in all the hubbub. I have so many bloody notes for where to go next, for other things that had been going on in the background, and for all sorts of one offs that I could likely spend the rest of this life and several others just fleshing out all the little details that came to mind.

Now then if someone else does want to use this as a setting, be it game or fiction, just remember that what I am presenting is my story, my idea. I would expect that for some this might just be inspiration and they build something of their own. Others might want to use it but not take things in the direction I did. Some may want to take it further. All of that is OK. Just like any RPG designer knows, not everyone is going to use the material the way you wrote it, and some folks will just rip out the one or two pieces that they feel they need. And I am good with that, as long as you remember what I said above, just give me credit for what I created.

All righty I am going to leave things there for now. Since I am going to copy stuff out of other documents I may post more than once a week while doing this section and leave Sundays for game reviews and other rants.

So gimme the dice, I need to set up a random encounter table, encounter table.


  1. #1 by Xenzirril on February 11, 2018 - 4:12 pm

    Good to see you are puttinig the spotlight back on DC. I always felt is was a great D20 Modern setting.


    • #2 by authortao on February 18, 2018 - 12:43 pm

      It really worked to a certain degree with d20 modern. Even when you added in Urban Arcana it was still a little strained since you could not do “everything”. The only game engines I found that worked really well to cover “everything” were BESM, Champions, and (sigh) GURPS due to the point based nature of builds you could set a value and build everything within limits. BESM d20, d20 Future, and the d20 versions of Trinity added more options that could make it work, and Monte Cooks World of Darkness (a d20 ish version of WOD) sort of rounded things out to make a d20 run possible. But it would be soooo kitbashed you would have to look for rulebooks tied with duct tape.


  2. #3 by dantherpgman on February 19, 2018 - 6:41 am

    Eventually I moved on to other projects, but Delta City always runs in the back of my mind.

    I feel like you’re going to do a lot more with Delta City someday. I don’t know what or when, but it always felt like you had more to put out there…

    Liked by 1 person

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