Delta City part 3

So last section was a brief history of Delta City. This next part is about the layout of the city itself. If I can make it work well I will drop in the maps I drew oh so long ago so you can get an idea of the elevations and street layouts as well as what the neighborhood/district lines are like. Details on the specific regions in the city and some of the people and places in them will be in the next part published.

Ok so lets start out with the map of the city streets. This covers the major streets in the city. I was using old graph paper to set this up and there was no way by hand I could get down to the level of a super zoom on Google Maps. Considering that I set this up based on memory from an older printed map of the Grays Harbor area you can see that some things are not really to effective scale if you look at the area in Google maps. You can also see that I added a large island to the area that is not in our current reality.


As you read what follows remember that this was originally written in the late 1990’s and into the early 2000’s. So some of the prices and other things may seem ridiculously cheap. They were intended to be cheap but not so much so that you would have your jaw hit the floor. I am trying to reprice stuff for the current era.



“The population of Delta City is a model of the length and breadth of humanity in the tradition that the founders of the United States would have given to us all had they the vision to dream that vast.”

Mayor Anna Cross during a speech to celebrate the International District in 1997

            The population in Delta City is not only diverse but it is truly unique as far as anyone can tell. The official breakdown is rather boring but it gives us a place to start.

Per the 2000 Census

Total Population: 523,402 people   

Economic break down:

  •              8% Wealthy
  •              9% Affluent
  •              70% Middle class
  •              11% Struggling
  •              2% In Poverty         

Unemployment: 3.1%         

Racial Breakdown:

  •             White – Non-Hispanic 44%
  •             Hispanic 8%
  •             Asian 8%
  •             African American 8%
  •             Native American 13%
  •             Pacific Islander 6%
  •             Middle Eastern 7%
  •             Other 6%

Gender Breakdown:

  •             Male 48%
  •             Female 50%
  •             Other 2%

Age Breakdown:

  •             Over 65      7%
  •             45-65          21%
  •             30-44         35%
  •             18-29         20%
  •             Under 18  17%


  •             No Highschool                               3%
  •             Highschool – Some                      12%
  •             Highschool – Graduate               18%
  •             Some College                              11%
  •             AA Degree                                  10%
  •             Bachelors Degree                       7%
  •             Masters Degree                          6%
  •             Doctorate Degree                       1%
  •             Multiple Degrees                        1%
  •             No formal Education noted      13%
  •             Other                                        18% 

Religious Affiliation:

  •             None                                            15%
  •             Catholic (Any Denomination)    19%   
  •             Muslim (Any Denomination)      11%
  •             Jewish (Any Denomination)      10%
  •             Wiccan                                       4%
  •             Native Traditional                     5%
  •             Buddhist                                    3%
  •             Shinto                                        1%
  •             Taoist                                       2%
  •             Hindu                                       2%
  •             Other                                       28%  

 City Size:

  •             Delta City Proper: 48.6 square miles
  •             Delta City Industrial Island: 7.1 square miles           

            Now then all those official numbers do nothing to mention the population in the Underground. In those vast stretches under the city there was an unofficial census that puts the population down there at roughly fifty to one hundred thousand other people. So that would be another ten to twenty percent of the population that lives on the streets above. All undocumented, untracked and for the most part uncared for. Considering that most of them live at or below the poverty level down there it could really skew the numbers if they though to add them into the official record.

            One of the strange things about the official numbers is under the Racial Breakdown, ‘Other’. Think about what that means. You see the same thing in Gender Breakdown, Education, and Religion. Makes you wonder just what there is in this city. Overall age categories seem unusually skewed toward the younger generations while the rest of the nation seems to be getting older.




Public transit in Delta City is a bit of a wonder. There are city buses, and on call services for the elderly and disabled. There is a light rail connection to the Olympia hub that runs north all the way to Everett. There are a large number of cycle capable paths around the city, and just as many safe-walking routes. There are also the usual assortment of taxis and vanpool set-ups. All of this makes it very easy for any resident or visitor to get to any part of the city day or night.

The wonder is not that the city has all these things, but that they work, and work very well. Not to mention that even the cabs are reasonably priced.

            One might think that with the world walls being in the condition that they are that you might have to deal with busses vanishing, or transit strikes, or cabbies that eat customers. Well even though these things do happen from time to time it is very rare, and most busses that vanish have a tendency to reappear a few blocks later, having a lot of people on board that want to go home instead of just get away seems to bring them back really fast, if they go at all. The city transit department is very proud of its record of having only one bus disappear forever, and the three that it has gained more than make up for that.

            It is also rare that any cabbie that has a taste for human flesh gets past the department of licensing, the ladies that run that place seem to have a knack for spotting potential troublemakers.

The real wonder is the cost of things. A monthly bus pass that is good all over the city will only cost someone about twenty dollars, and even this can be cut down if you can prove that your low income or unemployed. The two major cab companies got into a price war a few years ago and the public is still reaping the benefit, anywhere in the city in one of those two company’s cars will only cost you five dollars, no matter how many people you stuff into the cab, and a run from Delta City to SeaTac airport will only cost you fifteen.

            So, at that price, is it reliable? In a word, yes. The companies that run these operations are always in the black and seem to have a great desire for repeat business. This leads to the great deals, and making the systems as timely as possible and reliable beyond a shadow of a doubt just reinforces people’s opinion of a system that actually works for their benefit.


(Taken from a guide to new students at the college level. It’s amazing that they have to have this.)

Medical care in Delta City is top notch. There are a couple of large hospitals within the city limits, and a great number of small medical clinics. The clinics are both the general medical and specialist establishments. The two hospitals in Delta City are Delta City General in the south of the northern Business District just off the 105 freeway and on the boarder of the Historic Old Town district and the newer Housing District on the west side of the city, and the second is Wandering Star Memorial Hospital which sits on the boarder of both the International District and Chinatown. Both of these facilities are larger than you would normally expect of a hospital, but that is because they are the only two real hospitals in the city. The majority of other care is handled in all the various smaller offices and clinics that are in every district of the city. Many specialists work both at one of the hospitals and in one of the clinics.

Now then calling the medical care top notch may be a bit of a misnomer. There are the usual assortments of people involved in medicine in Delta City, some good, some bad, some who care, and there are those that only want to make money. The thing that makes Delta City medical care top notch is that there was a city law passed about thirty years ago that made it illegal for any insurance company that operates inside city limits to discriminate against payments for anything but truly experimental procedures. So, if your condition can be cured by an acupuncturist, or an herbal wrap, city laws make sure that your going to be covered by whatever treatment you need to get back into top health.

            The statement of care being top notch also relates to the fact that if you know who to ask and what you’re looking for, you can find doctors that specialize in just about any species that you can imagine. This is great if you’re some kind of alien blob and get a stomachache at three a.m. You don’t have to eat half the city to get relief, just ask a couple questions, and head to the right doctor. Of course, if you’re an alien blob that can get insurance you are going to want to spread that information around.

The only other thing of note is that even though Chinatown seems to be a complete maze to anyone not living in that part of town, the paramedics never seem to have a problem if they are called into the area to get someone.

“Fire response in Delta City is second to none in the nation. The teams train extensively and are constantly on the lookout for new people to enhance their already stellar teams. Do you have what it takes to be a hero like that?”

From a recruiting add in the paper.

             The fire response teams in Delta City are almost on the scale of the garbage men and women, and in fact many of the garbage men and women act as local volunteers in the fire response teams. The fact of the matter is that in a city that anything can happen in, just about anything can burn. So, the people on the fire teams need to have the ability to deal with everything from standard fires, chemical fires and even the occasional mystical conflagration. Being ready for all that all the time is no easy thing. So, the staff are usually on rotating teams, two weeks on, two weeks off, with volunteers and off duty staff on call if needed to make sure that things can be handled safely and quickly. The system seems to work.


While not crime free Delta City is one of the safest places on earth to visit. Our police force is well trained to deal with any situations that might conceivably arise in a city this size. And we are proud to report that for the fifth year in a row we are still carving critical seconds off of 911 calls citywide. If anything happens to you in Delta City you can be sure that the police are right there to help you out.

In recent years there has been a slow increase in crime in Delta City, not that the press or the ads to visit here would even mention that. Mostly in the area of industrial espionage, and embezzlement, but this does not lower the slow growth. There are dozens of little gangs and a couple larger ones. There are burglaries, assaults, robberies, rapes, and murders in this town. It is a major city after all. But the public is in no way worried. You see the rates of crime in Delta City are significantly lower than in any other city it’s size or smaller. The percentage of crimes committed is so low that it makes a major piece in the news when one does happen.

            Now this is all taking into account the public face of crime. The subtle crimes and acts taken by those with enough power and or money to make them not have happened, seem to happen far more often in Delta City than just about anywhere else in the world. Also, the no victim crimes like gambling and prostitution are usually ignored in the numbers that are given to the press but not by the police and the people that commit the crimes themselves. There have been rumors in recent years that some of the seedier parts of the city have been slowly falling under the control of certain groups, be they gangs or the mafia. The people involved in these crimes don’t really talk about it, but if you are in the Industrial areas, or the commercial areas then you know it when you see it.

            Due to reports Net 7 is under contract to the police commissioner to deliver, he is aware of this tide of invisible crime, and is out to put a stop to it if he can. Unfortunately, most of those invisible crimes are just that, no evidence, no witness, and sometimes not even a scene. This is not to say that there is some secret band of ninja, making all the crimes in the city vanish. Even if there were ninja you could not be told about them.

             The police in Delta City are just as diverse as its population. Every district in Delta City has its main house for the police and most have at least three outside branches. The District House usually houses most of the department gear and staff for any given district, while the branches are more like outposts that are not always manned but can be staffed at any given time to add presence or support in a part of the district. All of the branch houses are checked in at several times a day if they are not currently occupied by staff, assuring that there is a police presence in all areas of the city.

I am sure that you are thinking that I am going to say that this is all bull and that the cops are not all over the place like this. Well actually for the most part it is true actually. There are only a couple of districts in the city that do not get the full service of the police, and that is not an all bad thing given the way some of those districts operate. Given that in those areas even if the police are all from the district they are still seen as outsiders, it makes it a little easier for the district to police itself in the loosest of terms.

            One of the challenges that the police face is that when it comes time to investigate crimes, they have to be ready to look into just about anything. The next challenge is that they have to ready to arrest anything. The last challenge is that they have to be ready to hold and take to trial anything. Now then just because they have to be ready for anything, does not mean that they really are. There are only a few specialists on the force that have the skills and the power to really take on ‘anything’, and considering that most of the things that they face off with are just average, everyday people, being ready for everything is not all that cost effective. In the end the police have the policy that they will staff one team SSC, Special Situation Control. Sort of like a cross between CSI, SWAT, and ghost busters. They operate out of the City Center, and have a SWAT style van and a custom helicopter at their disposal. No one is really sure how many people are on this team, but so far, they have a very high ratio of closed incidents that makes them look very, very good.


The most important resource for any city is the water. Some would say it is the power, but there are a lot of ways around that. Without water a city is in a lot of trouble. Some of the best minds in the city are on the city water board. That is why Delta City is not on any one single resource for their needs.

City water districts handle everything from large production wells, limited water sheds from the rivers, all the way down to desalinization plants along the coast. There are several water treatment and storage facilities outside the city limits and the whole system is redundant so many times over that several different systems can go down and there is no change in water pressure.

This reliability is something that comes up every year in the mayoral elections. Every incumbent tries to make sure that the people know that they are responsible for it being that good, and a great many that try to get into the mayor’s office try to make it seem that it is not enough. As water is not just a survival item, it is also a comfort, and the debates about the safety and security of the water supply are very heated.

As part of its deal with the city for self-sufficiency Chinatown has its own water supply. While this is independent from the main city resources, it is linked to the city just in case either side needs help for a while. No one in the main city departments knows where Chinatown gets its supply from, but the water is pure and almost of filtered and refined quality.


Power in Delta City is bought in bulk from Puget Sound Energy, and provided to residential customers at the paltry fee of ten dollars a month. This means that if you have a one-bedroom apartment, or a thirty-room mansion you’re only going to pay ten dollars. The industrial and business areas pay the usual kilowatt hour rates that most people would see, but even this is discounted slightly by the way the city raises money to pay for the electricity. The city has a slightly higher sales tax than most other areas in the Pacific North West. Setting at about 10%, the sales tax goes into lowering the cost of electric bills and into public transit to help keep those costs down as well. This makes a great boon to the people who live and work here in the city.

Chinatown (C) in the continuing quest for independence has made its own deal with PSE and has separate cables that come into the community to provide that one community with power.

            While many areas use gas, oil, and electricity to keep everything running and heated, Delta City in the fifties started a program to fade out every kind of power but electric. Trying to be ahead of the times and be more on top of the best energy in town. It took nearly ten years but, in the end, everyone was switched over. Even though the city has been totally electric since the end of the fifties, all the old pipes and lines under the city are still there, and one city planner estimated that it would only take about three months to get them all working again. Due to the mayor’s office these systems are checked every six months to make sure that no repairs are needed. Just in case.


The Delta City waste system is one of the oldest and most reliable on the west coast. There has never been an undocumented spill and every drop of sewage and wastewater has been accounted for since 1861.

The world under the city. The sewer and water runoff pipes under the city make a massive and tangled network that would make the creator of the Minotaur’s labyrinth stare in awe.

            While some people will look at the industrial areas (Ind1 & STL), and cry out that they are the dark heart of the city, those who have worked in the sewers know better. The people who work and make a living down here are not always the same. There is a thriving culture that exists down under the streets. With their own laws and rules, they have as little to do with the surface as possible. The beings that live down here are the outcasts, misfits, and homeless with no place else to go. To come down to these tunnels is usually an act of final desperation for someone otherwise out of options.

            One of the things that make these tunnels dangerous is that they do not always stay in the same place. They have a tendency to move and shift, taking new paths as the whim strikes. While this makes them dangerous, as no one ever knows if they are going to wake up in the same part of town as they fell asleep in, it can also save lives. The shifting of the pipes has on more than one occasion helped someone fleeing from the police, or being chased by the predators that live in the tunnels. Some enlightened folk have tossed about the theory that the sewers are related to the world walls, but so far, no proof one way or the other has been produced.

            Out of all the people in the city that might know something it comes as no surprise to those that work in the city services that there is someone who seems to know what is going on. In spite of having no viable records or plans to refer to, there is someone in the city dispatch office that is called on any time someone needs to head into the tunnels. Ms. Lucy Carter, a woman who is proud of her eighty-three years on this earth (and if anyone tells her that I know this I am willing to bet that my friendly help will disappear), will gladly tell anyone who asks just where the pipes they need are, and if you’re going to be doing construction she can tell you just how far down they are going to be when you start digging. Then she sends you off with a smile and a ‘god bless’, and if you’re actually in her office her cookies are some of the best in town. Any questions about how she knows what she knows or where you can look that information up just get a little smile and something like ‘Youngster, you never ask a lady’s age or what she knows, it’s just not polite, besides if you need to know anything I will be right here. I am always right here.’ With that she will go back to typing whatever it is that she is working on. (Side note, Lucy is not on any of the payroll books, and quite literally does seem to be there whenever someone needs information, midnight or noon)

            There are a few interesting things about the underground and the most notable of them are as follows.

 The Core

            There are two things referred to by this name and since both are in the same area then it makes sense to put them both in the same entry in this guide. There are rumors that they might be somehow connected, but no one has the stones needed to ask one if it is somehow part of the other.

            The Core – The person known as the Core is a very strange individual. He seems to be a superhuman of some kind, and from the look of him he is either a mutant or from another world. This could explain why he stays underground and hides his face with a mask. It does not however explain his agenda. Several years ago, The Core started trying to find those people with gifts above and beyond the human average. The higher up the scale the better.

            Physically no one can be sure if The Core is male or female, all that can be said for sure is that it stands above eight feet tall, and seems to be built like a titan. The loose clothing that The Core favors and the neutral nature of its voice leave those who have me it wondering just what is under those clothes, and just what is behind the mask.

            The organization The Core is forming is called The Children of the Future. So far members of this group seem to be working around Delta City doing good deeds, there is a catch to what they do though. Every good deed they have done so far is for someone in a position of power, and every time they do something for someone they gain a promise from the person that they will do a favor in return for The Children at some point in the future.

            No one outside of The Core itself knows what the reason behind this is, but there are people who suspect that The Children of the Future are building a very subtle power base that they can expand on at a later date. All members of The Children are required to wear a mask that hides their face from the world, but other than that they are free to dress and act, as they will. When on a mission for The Core or The Children then the mask gets slipped on and they become their other identity. There are those who compare this to the classic superhero comics, but the mask is all they add, it is not a complete costume, and The Core seems to frown on that type of over blown showiness.        

            The Core – The place in Delta City known as the Core is also in the underground. In the area of Historic Old Town, somewhere around 21st and Main, there is something in the dark that the people who try and live in the underground avoid if they can, and the city workers who get sent into the area do their best to get away from as fast as they can.

This place seems to be the only feature of the underground that does not move or shift with the rest of the tunnels. It is always in the same place and always has the same effects on the people and the area around it.

            The Core on first being seen looks like a dark hole about twenty feet across, almost perfectly round, and if you get close enough to look into it, it seems to go down forever. There is a cool air that seems to seep from the hole, mixing with the warmer underground air it makes the area of the underground for about a block or two have a light ground fog year-round.

            What makes this place so fearsome to most is that when someone starts walking through the fog they will feel things that brush across their legs, like there are rats or something in the darkness that make no sound but are bold enough to tease at the legs of whoever is in the area. As someone gets closer to the Core there is a soft whispering that can be heard, and as a person gets closer and closer the whispering never gains in volume, but it does become more and more clear. By the time someone is close enough to see the Core the voices in the whispering are very clear, and to this day no one has reported anything kind, or positive in any way coming from those voices. But all who have heard them will agree that to them the whispering came from voices familiar to them, and that anyone with them did not hear the things that they did.

            No one who has tried to climb down into the Core has come back up sane, and everyone who has just keeps ranting about the faces behind the voices. Other experiments to find out the depth of the Core have met with no success. The plan to drop a line down dropped in a little over three thousand feet of cord and found no bottom to the Core. Sonar and radar have both failed to get a signal back that makes sense, even though the only time they tried a sonar scan the person manning the listening station started crying after about five minutes, and has never worked again.

            The Core has been here since before there was a Delta City, and as far as anyone can tell it will be here after everything else is gone. Any efforts to cover it, or build directly on top of it have failed. The only exception is the roadway above, which does need to be repaved about once a year to keep it stable.


There are two companies that do the trash and recycling hauling in Delta City. Both are based outside of the city off the I-105 Industrial loop to the south of the city. This is also where all the local transfer stations are. It should be noted that out of all the services in the city garbage is the most challenging. Even though it is a challenging job for the people who have it the level of service and the fact that the city is as clean, as it is should let everyone know just how well a job these people do for us every day of the year.

The things that add to the challenge include that there are no local landfills, trash has to be hauled at least forty miles before it can be buried or burned. The second thing that adds to the challenge is that the two companies that do this service are not only not on the city payroll (this service was taken off the city lists in the thirties when the first of the companies was started up) and as such there are occasional ‘Trash Wars’, as the companies try to undercut each other’s price, or just cut up each other’s trucks. If things get really heated between the companies there have been times that fights break out between gangs of drivers and servicemen. If all that were not enough then you also have to know that in a place like Delta City, since anything can happen, anything can get tossed out. With that possibility it is not so strange to think about the trucks that the garbage men have at their disposal, or the gear that they store within them, or the fact that there are a lot of ex-military and bio-hazmat certified people on the job.


Cable T.V. and satellite services are an area of heated competition in the Delta City region. There are three primary companies that operate in the city limits. And all three offer services ranging from basic cable, to digital cable, to computer network hookups, and even satellite receivers and decoders. All three of them buy the services in bulk from the major providers and then sell at a local discount.

The competition between companies gets nowhere near as heated as the challenges facing the garbage men, but there are nights when one company or the other has to deal with a spiked signal. This is all done with a good humor and the companies actually seem to get along rather well. In the end the antics of the three companies, the pricing games and the spiked signals and the like all seem to make the heads of the companies look like siblings fighting for their parent’s approval instead of three companies trying to make a living.


Phone service in Delta City is clear and solid. Cell phone connections and satellite service are available city wide, and there is an initiative pending that would make local access to phone services as cheap as power.

With the only showing by local power players, the phone system is rather well wrapped up. The major provider of landlines for Delta City is Qwest Communications. They seem to have a rather solid control over the industry and only every year or two do they have some small upstart company try to take a shot at the title. Most of the time when this happens Qwest just drops their prices for a few months to make sure that no one can compete, and then moves back to normal operations when the up and comer has been bankrupted. The initiative that they are trying to get passed in the city council has been there for years, I really don’t think anyone will ever see it get thru.

            With the advent of cell phones though there is another competition going on. As with every part of the world there are dozens of not hundreds of little companies trying to get all lined up to take your money and put a phone in your hand. The big boys are out in force too, as the cities low hills and access to open water makes it a great area for reception. They found out when putting the service towers in that there was less need than they could have ever thought for them in the area as signals carry clean and clear in every part of the city save for in the sewer tunnels.


Internet service in Delta City is provided by a collection of different businesses, most of which are actually local, so they will definitely know how to handle your service questions quickly. The rates for most of them are very reasonable, but due to constant competition you are advised to shop around for the best deal for your needs.

            The power of the Internet. In Delta City there are dozens of small service providers that offer everything from basic services to web hosting. Prices are fairly standard to the market. What is interesting about the internet in Delta City is that the phone systems all seem to be up to date enough to handle the better broadband services, even in the older houses out along the coastline. This is thanks to the improvement bill passed by the city council, and ratified by public vote in the early eighties, that any significant upswing in technology would be met with an equally speedy upswing in services provided. This meant that as soon as the major upgrades to the phone system were available that the city could sue Qwest unless the city was immediately upgraded, and not only would the city tote the bill for the lawsuit, but they could name every person in the city as part of a class action suit if things did not go well on the initial suit.

            All in all, this inspires a thriving hacker community. With all the business targets, and rumors of hidden secrets in the city, there is no shortage of people trying to get to the next stage and be the best the city has ever seen. There is also the open challenge by Net 7 that anyone who can hack their database and find the file marked ‘The Truth’, will be immediately hired at an annual salary of seventy-five thousand dollars a year, and if the hacker in question is under the age of eighteen Net 7 will also pay their college tuition for up to six years at a school of their choice as long as they study something in the technology field, and agree to sign on for two years with the company after graduation. So far in the three years that this offer has been offered, no one has made it in to the file in question. But there is no sign that the attempts will stop any time soon. Due to this thriving community in Delta City, the need for talented IT people, coders, programmers, hardware specialists, and all the computer related fields in between is in higher demand here than most any other place on the planet.


            The schools in Delta City deserve a little extra mention. While there are a large number of public and private schools around the city the elementary and middle schools are very similar. They all offer the usual classes but they all also have the distinction of having advanced classes for exceptional students, mystical classes for children that are so inclined, restricted classes for youngsters with exceptional abilities that may prove hazardous to other students, and direct line communications with all police and fire departments.

            While this may seem like a series of hazards spread all over the city, it was actually put to a vote in the city in 1967 and the population decided that they would rather have their children close at hand instead of bussing them all over the city to get specialized education or protection. Surprisingly to all the people that were opposed to this it seems like this has actually worked quite well, the number of incidents and disasters at the lower numbered grade is so low that it looks more like one or two problems a year for the whole city. All in all, a very good record.

High Schools in Delta City are another story though.

            At the high school level there are a total of eight schools all over the city. Five of the schools are heavily specialized in one field or another. The other three are very general, with outsource classes at other schools that count toward graduation credits. This system was part of the 1967 vote that set the lower grade schools on the path that they are on. Strangely this also seems to have worked well as the older teens seem to get along better with the students that share their fixations and hobbies.

PHS 100 (Public High School 100) – AKA Combat High

This high school is located in the International District. It is renowned throughout the city as being the most advanced combat training institute save for Koji’s Dojo. If you can find a way to integrate fields of study with something combat relevant then this school has done so in a grand scale. The sports teams here are considered to be some of the most disciplined and some of the most dangerous.

PHS 101 (Public High school 101) – AKA Machine High

This high school focuses on mechanical and industrial education. They have auto clubs and design competitions that the entire city will turn out for. It is rumored that this school alone is the reason that Boeing has a R&D branch in Delta City. The school is located in the Industrial District to the south of the city.

PHS 102 (Public High school 102) – AKA Magus High

This high school has a focus on natural history and magical theory that is impressive to everyone. The school is located in the Historic Old Town section of the city. Surprisingly the number of strange incidents in this school is rather low. This is usually accredited to the staff and the teachers being rather good at what they teach and how they teach it. There is an outreach program from this school to Delta City College, where they have advanced classes for some of the really bright students.

PHS 103 (Public High school 103) – AKA Finance High

This high school has its main focus on business, language and management. It is said that if you are looking for a future leader in this or any other community then you need to start looking here. Located in the northern Business District, this school has the reputation of releasing some of the shrewdest graduated onto the college scene that you can imagine.

PHS 000 (Public High school 000) – AKA The Invisible School

While there are only limited rumors of this school on the books there can be no denying that this school is real. Its funding is rather impressive and part of that seems to stem from the fact that the school is never in the same place for more than a week at a time. As you may be able to tell this school has its main focus on teaching the arts of espionage, stealth, and intelligence. While this may seem to be a strange thing to teach at a high school level the kids here have been credited with solving more than a few crimes in the city since the school’s inception. The hardest part of getting classes going in this school is that someone has to find it to register the students.

PHS 104 (Public High school 104) – AKA Nerd base 1

While the nickname of the school is not all that complimentary it is hard to deny the level of education that is offered here. Most of the teachers seem like the people that you would more likely see in a college setting and they tend to treat the students as if they are on that level of education already. What is most unusual is the fact that this high school is located in the Commercial District on the south of the city. One of the most affluent areas in the city.

PHS 105 (Public High school 105) – AKA Delta Rich

This is one of the three general education high schools. With no particular focus of education its nick name comes strictly from its location. It is on the south end of the Old Beach Housing district, fairly close to Delta City College.  The raw money in the area tends to mean that this school has a lot of rather wealthy students in it.

PHS 106 (Public High school 106) – AKA Shoppers Paradise

This is one of the three general education high schools. With no particular focus of education its nick name comes strictly from its location. This school is located just across the street from the Delta City Mall. A favorite school among the ‘gotta have it’ crowd. It is also the school with the greatest problem with kids skipping classes. There have been several attempts to get the school moved but the costs of moving a whole high school are currently thought to be more than the costs to the students who are missing classes.

PHS 107 (Public High school 107) – AKA Between

This is one of the three general education high schools. With no particular focus of education its nick name comes strictly from its location. This school’s location is exactly half way between both Delta City College and Kymen College. This means that this school is the most heavily recruited from school in the city. As both colleges try to outdo each other to get the best from this school in their doors, they usually end up with some rather insulted parents.

There are also a few private schools at all levels of education in Delta City but they usually come from a religious base instead of a raw interest base. The private schools also seem to have a low enough student count that they will have all levels of primary education in them at once.

St. Agrippa SR Education Facility – AKA Holy High

There is no known religion on this earth that seems to have a St. Agrippa, and the education that is offered here would tend to reflect that. While many private schools seem to teach from a single religious bent, this school has equal representation of every religion that they can add. All of the teachers seem to not only be qualified teachers, but also venerated holy beings of one kind or another. Being located in the Artists’ Colony area of the city would seem to have had a beneficial effect on this academy.


“The diversity of Delta City is second to none in all the world, the only problem that I have with that is all the damned heathens that get into this town.” – Quote from Father Eisien from the Church of the Holy Sprocket

             ‘Delta City has a racial, social, and economic diversity that is only slightly skewed from its religious openness. In a city this large and this diverse it is interesting to note that religion is not only widespread but common. Usually in such large environs you see many people of different cultures mingling and religion gets suppressed as a way to keep people focused on the good that they can do for each other instead of focusing on their differences. Then as the environs evolves over time religion becomes a way to distinguish differences even inside a culture, and a way to hold on to yourself and your culture even if there are a lot of other thoughts and ideas around.

I know that this sounds contradictory but to understand religion in a city environ then you need to look at a picture of the area that takes not just moments, but decades if not centuries.

At the start of a social grouping religion is suppressed for the need of survival, as time goes on religion becomes the central source of self-identification. Once self-identification is seated then starts social isolationism and from that comes conflict. The “I am right you are wrong, bang, bang” effect as I call it. Now then what is unique about Delta City is that as a whole the city seems to have not gone past the point of self-identification. We have Catholics feely mixing with Wiccans, Muslims, Jews, Native Shaman and the others that spring up. Conflicts between the groups are social, not physical, and not to the point of isolating anyone. It is both beautiful and scary at the same time.

Why you ask is it scary? Because when the next step comes along in the evolution of the situation, well that is just going to make the changes bigger, harder, and potentially more violent.

Class dismissed.’ – Recorded at a class in religious diversity at Kymen College.

             So, I am taking it that you get the impression that everyone is going on happy as clams in the city when it comes to religion. While that may be the case on the surface I happen to know that there have been more than a few cases of people getting hired to make sure a certain yogi, priest, or shaman has an accident. This is part of that whole invisible crime wave that is going on in the city. While the actions are rarely successful they do happen more than a few times a year. Strangely the majority of the clergy in the city do try to stress acceptance and tolerance of all the possible faiths in the city. Then behind closed doors they go at each other like mad dogs. From what I got one of them to admit under the influence of a few good drinks, and no I won’t say what group he was from, he told me that the general thought is that the clergy are going to make the sacrifice for all the flock, last man or woman standing gets the hearts and souls of everyone in the city. Now if only we could get them out of the backrooms with this and put them into the park and just have them duke it out, might get more converts that way, and a pay per view event out of it too.


Being a coastal city in the state of Washington there are a few things that can be taken for granted. Yearly rainfall is rather high, but not like in the Olympic Mountains to the north, winter snowfall is uncommon, the fall storms are heavy with wind and rain, and in the spring most rivers in the area reach or exceed flood level.

During the spring and summer temperatures stay rather mild, not reach over seventy-five degrees most of the time, but there are days on record of temperatures hitting has high as ninety. In the winter and fall temperatures rarely drop below freezing, but on the days that it does icy roads are the rule.

Rainfall in the spring and fall are higher than in winter and summer, but not noticeably so to people from out of town.

Winds are mostly from offshore helping to keep the temperatures moderate, and the air flow helps to keep potential airborne pollution at a minimum.

Now then all that is the official word but everyone who has lived here for any length of time will tell you that there is more to the weather than just the usual coastal phenomena and the Washington State terrain effects on the weather.

            Delta City also gets some of its weather from the World Walls, it is not always beings that slip thru to this world from others, sometimes effects from the weather will slip thru too. It is a good thing that earthquakes do not seem to move thru them too.


Now then I know it is mentioned elsewhere in the guide, and most people are so used to it around here that they don’t really notice but I needed to say something again here in this overview part of the guide.

            Delta City, unlike a lot of other major metro areas has taken great care to make sure that the city is not totally overrun by concrete and steel. In addition to the preservation of the Historic Old Town region and the classic buildings in the Old Beach House district, and of course the classic works in Chinatown, the city has a very aggressive stance on building and keeping things green.

            What that aggressive stance means is that the city is a little more spread out than a city of this population would suggest. It means that there are trees, shrubs, and grassy spots all over the city, in most business parks, and even on the top of some of the city’s largest buildings. This does not mean that the city is overrun with foliage, but it is there. Even in the industrial regions there are tracts of trees between buildings. All in all, the green is a great help all over, cutting the pollution by absorption of a percentage of it, soaking up rain and snow run off to cut on flooding, shading buildings naturally and even giving those damnable ninjas a place to hide.

            On the potentially bad side this does mean that there is a large population of rodents, birds, coyotes, and the occasional wolf and deer in the city limits at all times. This is one of the reasons that having the trash under control is so monstrously important. But with the trash companies doing a good job, then comes the work of making sure that they do not spread too far too fast.

            To go along with the other creatures that wander the city from this earth that also means that there may be prey creatures from other worlds all over the city. Feeling the need to escape a predator or a situation they may find enough strength of will to escape here and to try eking out a living in the hidden places like their earthen counterparts.

            Overall it is very, very beautiful. But you will see very few open trash receptacles, and you will only usually see tourists leave the top down on convertibles, because both of them are too easy to get into otherwise. And there is no telling just what might be in that tree above you.

I think I am going to hold off on posting any more about the city in this post… posting in post… in … hmmm… ok redundancy department of redundancy.

Anyway. This should give you a little more flavor for the city circa 1990-2005.

Now gimme the dice, I have to see how hazardous it is to tickle a cat that just ate…

Keep gaming and have a blast out there folks.

  1. #1 by dantherpgman on March 6, 2018 - 4:43 am

    Wow, that map is pretty good considering all the factors you mentioned. I always liked your game maps that you whipped up, I thought they were always very cool.


    • #2 by authortao on March 11, 2018 - 1:56 pm

      Thanks my friend. I have always enjoyed making maps. I dont know why but it is always fun for me.


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