Sorry for the delay

Hey there readers… its been a while…

I have to say there is a good reason.


Yeah my wife and I have added a puppy to the house hold. His name is Binx and he is a Plott Hound / Lab mix. With a beautiful brindle coat and a ton of energy and need for attention.  Only ten weeks old so he is still very nippy, needs to play a lot and every time I have tried to take a few notes to put together a new post it has been …

Ok so the new topic…

Hey Binx ok lets get you outside and play

New topic is…

Ok puppers lets go

New topic…

Oh what did you get into pup, do you need a bath



Yeah those 3am wakeups are not too bad when you usually get up at 4 to get ready for work, but tying them to the 11pm wake up, and the 1am wake up… well… yeahhhhhh.

The wife tells me this is great training for when we have a child of our own… but damn its exhausting. The little guy is a loving ball of fluff though and I cannot do anything but love him for it.

So over the next few months (I hope it takes less time but I wont count on it) posts will be sporadic and may be a mix of gaming and gushing about the puppy.

Now gimme the dice, I gotta put em up so Binx wont chew on em.

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