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Morning all

No reviews, no game content, or anything like that today. Just a mild rant. A rant about SPAM…


And even though the image is here this is not about SPAM the food like congealed mass of meat like particles. No this is about Spam in email and comments.

So we all have to delete spam emails in our inbox on a regular basis. We have to watch out for spam that may get past the filter. We also have to check the email trash in case something got caught by the filter.

But you see when you are running a blog that allows comments you also have to watch out for the spam in comments. And frankly that spam goes from being silly, to insulting frequently in the space of one single sentence.

Of late, since I am working from home during the year of the plague, I have been able to keep up better on my blogs spam content. I usually delete about 40 comments a day left by spam bots, or people who are just way too bored. The Proxy ones are currently the most humorous. Trying to leave comments on content that I put up to say I was not posting anything, or leaving comments about how folks were looking for just that information when it is one of my personal creative projects. But the one I cleared off this morning that sort of triggered this rant instead of the posting I had planned, was so far unique. The boxed in comment said that they liked my style but thought I should quit whining and grow up, and that was attempting to be posted on one of the reviews I did where I raved about the topic.

So what I am guessing is that people are turning up the sensitivity on the spam filters for blogs, and the usual praise and such is not getting people to allow the comments to be posted and snag traffic. And so now the spam writers are trying to neg people.

I mean seriously does that #@$% actually work? Are people stupid enough to approve negative comments for their blog that ID as spam? Unless you know the poster is vulnerable to flaming I cant really recommend even thinking about trying that kind of tactic. But what do I know. With the rising number of trolls and all out there… @#%$ who can even guess.

Really y’all… just… stop.

Gimme the dice… all of them… every die ever made… cause I need to see how many yeats it will take for folks to pull their heads out of their @$$es…

Hope everyone has a great long holiday weekend and is keeping safe in the year of the plague.


Plot Hooks


Howdy readers

This time we are going to talk about a little something called plot hooks. Some folks who have played in games I have run have accused me of turning everything in the game into a plot hook. I can honestly say that is not true. I am simply willing to run with anything the players take an interest in and make that into a plot of its own… hmmm come to think of it that does sort of mean that they are right and that everything is a plot hook. Hmmm I think I have some apologies to issue.

So for those who are not familiar with the term, in game settings a plot hook is something that catches the players interest, and has a story or series of adventures behind it. This could be as simple as meeting someone in the street who needs help, all the way up to being summoned before the local Overlord to ‘consult’ on something of serious import.

Plot hooks can also railroad players… hmmm… dont know if I have gone over rail-roading players or not but the term means that the person running the game has set things up so that there is only one story, and only one way through that story. So players have to make certain choices, and have to take certain missions. It is like if you only had the story options in any RPG you have played on a PC or a console and had no side quests. And players hate to have no options.

Strangely though if you need to railroad players it is possible to make it look like one plot hook is several. Ok so lets see how that works…

Plot is to get the players to defeat a dragon. Classic I know. So how do we hook them.

  1. Reward for the dragons head from the king.
  2. Dragon has captured local bar maid (hey she is hotter than the princess and knows how to cook some local specialty foods, I mean with a package like that why capture a princess).
  3. Dragon’s Lair (sorry couldn’t help it) is under a major trade route and the dragon takes ‘taxes’ from travelers.
  4. Dragon runs a rival Thieves Guild that the local Guild Master does not like.
  5. Dragon is in possession of a magic item that can save a local farm.
  6. Another dragon (in disguise of course) wants the dragon dead (they used to be a couple but there were too many captured bar maids for it to be a stable relationship).
  7. People have been getting sick any time the dragon flies over and the local clerics seem to think the dragon may be sick or spreading a disease for its own purposes.
  8. Local branch of the Draconic Preservation Society wants to move the dragon to a less populated region for its own safety.

So the fun thing is all of these things can be true at the same time. You can use any or all of them to get play running in the direction you want. Just make sure you leave the hooks out for players to find, and dont have NPCs repping for each one show up at their door step. And actually when I ran that bit of a story above the dragon and the bar maid were in love and they used the resources of the DPS to move out of state but worked with the PCs so that there was enough evidence left behind that they could claim all the prizes that were being put up for the dragon… well all except for the ex… the ex went after them but the PCs were not contracted to help on that part of things.

So do you see where this all comes together.

A plot is a story outline. It says that things will happen.

A plot hook is the method by which a GM entices or kidnaps players into the story. No seriously kidnapping players is a great plot hook… from time to time. If the PCs are getting kidnapped every week… thats a bad sitcom not good gaming ūüėõ

Usually a plot hook will be introduced by an encounter, or by the GM calling some or all of the players attention to something. I have a ton of fun calling out things that have nothing to do with any story I currently have on the books. Makes players think that… well… everything is a plot hook. Shoot… I really do need to apologize to some folks.

Plot hooks can be as blunt or as subtle as you want. Let me give you an example of a few I have used in the past.

  1. There is a distant castle that always has a storm over it.
  2. A cat follows the party everywhere they go.
  3. Players wake up in manacles with all their gear on a nearby table.
  4. Players are approached by a Scarface reject with an offer they cant refuse.
  5. Wanted posters all over town for a young priest.
  6. A crying child.
  7. Bland food at the best inn in town.
  8. Local rumor mill is talking about how the local undertaker is making a ton of extra coffins.
  9. Local rumor mill is discussing the fact that after thirty years of nearly constant activity and raids by the local orcs, they have not been seen in a month.
  10. Beggar on the street telling local myths and legends to children.

There are always things that can be used to drag players into a story.

I tend to find that the subtle ones work best. Allowing players to choose what they want to get involved with gives them a lot more buy in.

Now then the funny thing is that you can also keep dropping plot hooks for a single story into their path. As long as you vary the content they are not going to know. My main reason for having something like this is because I usually create a meta plot. Some ongoing story that will change the face of the world the players are in. I write up a timeline for it and then try to lure the players in. If they dont go for it, thats fine. It means the default story line happens in the background. Right up to the point they take on the hooks. Personal best is having a group take eleven introductions of plot hooks for the main story before they joined up. Personal strangest is having a group take up the main plot, and then abandoning it for something shiny on a weekly basis for about a year. Strangely they never needed a new hook for the main plot, they would just, forget about it, for a while.

I would love to hear from players and GMs what their favorite plot hooks have been. And what it took to get parties to run with them.

Ok gots to be ready for when the little one wakes again…

So gimme the dice… I need to see where this plot runs.



FOUR… again…


SO a while back I did a post about some favorites in different categories and called them up in groups of four. (Post Here). And I thought it would be fun to do that again. This time I wanted to do some picks regarding settings, and I figured out as I was drawing up the list that it was harder than I thought picking settings for favorites. I seem to have a lot of love em or hate em feelings toward settings. And there is very little in the middle. Also there is a lot of potential overlap in some ways of defining settings. Like do you call Cyberpunk – Cyberpunk, SciFi, Dystopian, or let it float into all of the above?

In the end I have decided to say #$%@ it and I will just drop the games into whatever category feels right. ūüėõ Hey what were you expecting, its my blog, if you dont like it read something else… heh… however if you want to discuss it, that is just awesome.

The rules for this posting are…

  1. If I put it into one list it is not eligible for another. Even if the setting can be more than one.
  2. I list the game by the original publisher even if it has been in other hands since.
  3. I am not going to link anything.

Super Heroes – Ok so for me a superhero game is about having an eclectic mix of superhuman powers. That you cannot just say is magic or psionics. Even if there is a single source it is not that easy to quantify. You have to have teams that are larger than life. And there is at least one bad guy organization with a theme.

  1. Aberrant – White Wolf
  2. Marvel Sueprheroes – TSR
  3. Providence – XID Creative
  4. Champions – 3rd ed – Hero Games

Dystopian – To me a dystopian setting is when the ongoing day to day is so bad that you have a feeling that a lot of the population should just give it up. Everything is against you. Winning for a day is like the best thing that could ever happen to you. But you keep going anyway. Top that off with the fact that the golden age of humanity seems to have clearly passed, leaving you to wonder why you fight in the first place.

  1. SLA Industries – Nightfall
  2. Dark Sun – TSR for AD&D
  3. Dark Conspiracy – GDW
  4. Underground – Mayfair Games

Sci-Fi – Star ships, aliens, unusual abilities and the possibility that there is something bigger and stranger just past the next star system. That does not however mean that we have to take you or the setting seriously.

  1. Star Frontiers – TSR
  2. Jovian Chronicles – Dream Pod 9
  3. Eclipse Phase – Post Human Studios
  4. Tales from the Floating Vagabond – Avalon Hill

Fantasy – Magic, something elf like, a big bad that no one thinks anyone can beat, and something that flavors the realm in a way all its own.

  1. Middle Earth Role Playing – Iron Crown Enterprises
  2. StormBringer – Chaosium
  3. Iron Claw – Sanguine
  4. Earthdawn – FASA

Mashup – Two or more genre slammed together to make something bigger out of the whole. Sure you could argue that Supers fall into this all on their own. But no. This, to me is a place and style all its own.

  1. Shadowrun – FASA
  2. TORG – West End Games
  3. Rifts – Palladium Books
  4. Strange – Monte Cook Games

Ok so there are a few samples of favorite settings of mine. Look em up if you dont know anything about them. See if they might strike your fancy or at least have things you might want to steal from for your own campaign.


Hope that everyone out there is having fun and staying safe during the age of the virus. Keep yourself and your family safe.

Now gimme the dice, I need to see how many different categories I would need to put every game I have played on a list…


Taking a pass

Sorry readers but baby needs, allergies and general lack of sleep have me so far off my game I am not posting this week.

Stay safe. Play hard. And have fun.

Now gimme the dice I need to see how many kleenex it will take to get my nose to stop running.

temp out


A D&D Comparison

DnD Compare


Hello Readers

So I have been patching this one together for a while now. And it may take a bit to sort through it all. But I hope that you enjoy.

You see for a while now I have had a few readers pop up and ask me about the significance of editions/versions in role playing games. This is mostly from folks who are new to RPGs in general or have only ever played one game. So I thought I would do a breakdown on D&D. Now then I will admit that at first my grandiose plan was to break out things across multiple topics. Skills, magic, combat, and more. However it soon became clear that the scope of that was WAYYYYYYYY too huge. So I paired it down, and then down again, and then finally to what I am presenting right now.

What we are going to have here is a comparison between major editions of D&D/AD&D regarding Player Character Races and Classes. This information is only being taken from the Players Handbook, or equivalent document. So no add on books, no Dragon Magazine, no module supplements, third party books, or anything else. Just the very start of the game. That is because if you start going down any of those rabbit holes, you are gonna get lost and overloaded really fast. I know, I looked into that abyss and when it stared back and went “Hey, Howdy!” I knew I had to step back because otherwise that would have been a project for the centuries.

In a tribute to Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson I have decided to do the majority of the lifting for this article by using tables. First thing you will get is the Master Table. It lists all the races that have been in Players Handbook or equivalent books, and calls out if a race could be a class, if it could not be a class, or if it was not present in any specific edition.

The tables that follow the Master Table break down things per edition. And will include information about level limits for classes or for races in specific classes. Also there are notes about specific classes, and things like multi-classing to give a more well rounded collection of information.

So lets see how this breaks out…

Hmmm… it breaks out poorly.

All righty so since this page cannot cope with the majesty and beauty of the tables I have created I shall instead link you to them… HERE. Its a Google Docs page and should be accessible to anyone following the link.

So what is the TLDR here, just in case you dont feel like following the link and being amazed at the work I put into this, it breaks down rather simply.

Over the years that D&D has been around a characters background and role in the game world have changed significantly. What they can do, and the limits that the world places on them has gone through some major revisions. When something that basic can change so much over the years it is really easy to imagine how other things have changed. Because character race and class are just a small part of the overall game rules you can imagine what else might have changed in regards to things like magic, or combat.

Change like this can be seen as anything from growth to profiteering by different people depending on their attachment to a particular version of a game. It is not a bad thing really though. Because as times change, people change, ideas change, and so too will games change.

Personally I still have a rather deep attachment to D&D 3rd edition. But that is just me.

Ok so that is it for now. Gotta check on the little one.

Hope everyone out there is staying safe and yet having fun.

Now gimme the dice, I need to see how many more editions it will be before the perfect version of D&D for everyone.


Tales from the Game Table – The Inn

dm disaster mw kaluta

So ages ago, or so it seems, I had a game group that was sort of, eclectic, when it came to getting together. We did not really have the consistency to do a major story, or even a main ongoing campaign. So I came up with an idea to run serial one offs with whomever was available.

For the world we would use I created The Town. And yes this was my attempt at creating a place like The City in The Tick (comic book version). Inside the town was The Inn. All adventures start in The Inn. Everyone meets at The Inn. This was me spoofing the genre classic that every adventure starts at an inn.

Building on that premise I then also said that north of The Town, was The City. And north of The City was The Capital.

Then I figured that all adventures would take place south of The Town. Going to sea, going to a desert, going to a mountain, going wherever you would leave The Town and go south.

To facilitate the one off adventure but add some sense of continuity I created twenty characters. 4 rouges, 4 fighters, 4 spell casters, 4 clerics, and 4 oddities. When the group got together they would draw one character from one pile. The first time a character was drawn the player would add a name and gender to the character. At the end of the adventure XP would be added to the character and they would be put back in the pile. All future times the character would be drawn the name and gender would be set. I figured this system would let everyone tinker a little, and have a little fun humor wise.

The result of the very first adventure left me with a little something I had not been expecting. The players had rescued thirteen people from a monster camp. Brought them back to The Town, and gave them some of the reward to help them set up. So all of a sudden I had the chance to have recurring NPCs in The Town. Not wanting to take up too much effort on something I was trying to set up for serial one offs, they became bakers (make no mistake there was a lot of player input on this). As they had all been rescued while they were starving, being around food a lot seemed like a good idea. And so they added a shop called The Bakers Dozen to The Town. It was just west of The Inn. Half the time they ate themselves out of stock, but it was their shop and somehow it never went out of business.

We only ever got another five adventures in with this concept. I happened to love it and would one day love to do it again. In the current lockdown situation I have been thinking a lot about remote gaming and how a model like this could work in favor of folks who wanted to have low risk one shots, but still have some feeling of a campaign even if the same folks could not get together with any kind of consistency.

Anyhow that is the flashback of the week.

I hope that everyone out there is having fun, not getting too bored, and staying safe.

Now gimme the dice. I need to see just how many bagels the Bakers Dozen has in stock today.



Marvel Super Heroes RPG – MH5 Cats Paw – Review

MH5 Cats Pawy

Hey there readers.

So a quick review while the little one sleeps and I have a couple of minutes being awake for my own fun.

MH-5 Cats Paw is one of those moments for me that we had two great tastes that taste great together. Marvel Super Heroes RPG and Alpha Flight

. One of my favorite superhero game systems and my all time favorite super hero team.

Now then I did not find out about this module until years after its publication. But after getting it I had to do a little research . There were a few things going on here that struck me as just a bit odd. And as I dove into them a bit it became kinda cool.

So in this module there is a representation of the Alpha Flight team that only sort of happened once. Alpha Flight Vol.1 #16 November 1984. I say sort of because all of the characters were in there, they just did not really act like a team… really. Anyway the module itself lists a copyright date of 1984. So I have to figure with comics having a two to three month lead time and most game publications having a two month lead time that someone had to be writing this module around the same time that specific issue was being written. Which implies to me that the ties between TSR Inc. and Marvel Comics were pretty tight. Which gets really reinforced when you know that John Byrne the creator of Alpha Flight did the cover art for the module.

They also did something I was not sure was possible for a licensed publication at the time. TSR introduced two new characters. The new characters did not go into the actual comic book series. But they were created in a way that fit them both into the mythology that John Byrne and Marvel Comics had been putting together for Alpha Flight since their first appearance in Xmen 120 in 1979.

MSH xmen 120

Anyway the two new characters are Cascade and Kimara the Cloud Stalker. And Kimara actually is one of the Great Beasts, the biggest villains that Alpha Flight has on their hit list. Sure they are also spiritual forces of nature and evil. But hey yeah lets get supers to fight those too. ūüôā

While the adventure is simple, Jeff Grubb was not at his most… discerning… when he wrote it, the adventure still feels like it could easily fit into the pages of one of the Alpha Flight comics at the time. Fast paced. A bit of a double if not triple feint as to who the real big bad is, and great ideas for follow up.

Now then while fun and mixed with favorites this module, just like everything else MSH RPG related, has some technical issues due to some of the rules just absolutely sucking. Most of that due to things like ranges and movement being covered in “areas” but no real definition of what that means space wise, and how it relates to anything on the sodding maps they give you. The other real challenge that you face is how they are trying in the module to tie things into other, more popular Marvel characters. Using villains from the Xmen, Iron Man, and the Hulk, instead of using the lesser known (at the time, well truth be told likely still lesser known at best) characters from Alpha Flight to try and bump up the attraction to others. However they fail to publicize that little detail anywhere on the cover. So it is unlikely that in its original release this module got the kind of attention that it could have. It also leaves you feeling like the module and characters were just sort of shoe-horned in. Regardless of that though it plays well.

So how are we looking number wise?

Overall Fluff 4/5 – Like all modules from the early 80s you get more crunch than fluff. But what fluff you get here is pretty good. The little blurbs about characters and villains feels comic booky, and the art in the interior, even though not by John Byrne, it has his feel to it so it feels like it is part of the comic books of the time.

Overall Crunch 2/5 – No new game mechanics in this module. There is the ongoing issue with ‘areas’ for space and ranges. And I dont know if it was because Alpha Flight was not that popular, abilities were sort of in flux in the writing of the comics, or the game writers were just not paying that much attention to the characters, but the stats and some of the powers just do not match up. Its easy to fix, but sort of frustrating.

Overall Mod 2/5 – This is one of those, I have to mod it, bits. You have to come up with a new method for ranges, and you have to come up with accurate stats if you are a fan of Alpha Flight. Just like every other MSH module though it is possible to run your own characters. Or add one or two of your own to Alpha Flight so you can be part of the team. In the end there is fun modding and there is required modding which dropped my score here.

Overall Fun 5/5 – Regardless of the bad points, this is a total fun win for me. Like I said earlier, two great tastes that taste great together.

Total Score 13/20 –¬†Not a great score for something I really enjoy. But what the heck they cant all be awesome on the score. Just goes to show you that you dont always have to have the top rating to be loved.

Ok so thats it for today. Im out to make sure I am ready to take care of the little one.

Stay safe out there everyone. have fun, but stay safe.

Now gimme the dice… I need to see how many versions of Sasquatch I can merge into one character… Oh wait they already did that in the comics… shoot…


Martial Arts in Champions/Hero Games

MA - Tiger Wong Dragon Slaying Kicks 9 Suns

Hi there readers.

So anyone who knows me knows I love comicbooks and martial arts. And martial arts in comic books is just too sweet to pass up. Whether it is Richard Dragon in DC comics, Iron Fist in Marvel comics, or some of the awesome things like Oriental Heroes/Dragon Tiger Gate from Jademan Comics/Jade Dynasty (Chinesse comics called Manhua) I have to say I love it.

So when it comes to role playing games there are a few in my mind that do really well with their martial arts simulations. But since I am talking about comic books I thought I would focus on my favorite super hero RPG Champions/Hero System. For this particular article I am going to be using 6th edition rules. The rules for Martial Arts has not changed much at all since the Big Blue Book aka 4th edition. So anyone who has played since 1989 with a new copy of the rules should be up to speed.


So in Champions you can establish a martial art by purchasing specific maneuvers. Strikes, dodges, blocks, and so on, that all have specific bonus’, penalties and effects.

For example…

Maneuver              Phase Pts OCV DCV Damage/Effect
Basic Strike¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬Ĺ¬† ¬† ¬† 3¬† ¬† ¬† 1¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†0¬† ¬† STR +2d6 Strike

Now then this basic strike can be defined as a punch, or a kick, or a head butt, or whatever else you desire. You bought it you name it.

In the Hero System Rulebook, Champions Rule books, and the Hero System Martial Arts book you get lists of not only maneuvers, but combinations of maneuvers that become martial arts styles. So classic Kung-Fu, Karate, and other martial arts are represented as best the authors can in the game system.

To make maneuvers more potent you can buy DC or Damage Classes to push up the effect. So adding one DC to the maneuver above you would add 1d6 to the Strike damage. Unless you only bought the one move, that single DC you purchased would power up ALL of your moves in that Martial Art.

Did you notice that I said “in that Martial Art”? Yeah that’s right I did. Because in Champions, just like in the comics, you can have a character with multiple Martial Arts. And because we love to do it, we can even make our own Martial Arts. Heck the rules even let us build our own maneuvers. A current favorite of mine from my creations is Octopus Style…

Style: Octopus
Name of Move                      Move             Action  Cost  OCV  DCV  Effect
Corded Throat                Choke Hold     1/2         4       -2        0    Grab one limb, 2d6 NND
Break what is offered      Crush               1/2         4        0        0    Str+4d6, Must follow Grab
Ocean is vast¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Flying Dodge¬† 1/2¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 5¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†–¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† +4¬† ¬†Dodge All, Abort, Full Move
In your own way             Grapple Block 1/2         4       +1      +1   Grab one limb, Block
Go I keep                           Grapple Throw 1/2       3        0       +2    Str+2d6 Strike, Target Falls
Easy to break                    Joint Break      1/2         5        -1       -2   Grab one limb, 1/2d6 HKA,                                                                                                                   Disable
Legs too weak                   Leg Sweep        1/2        3        +2      -1    Str+1d6, Target Falls
Like Water                         Martial Escape 1/2       4        0         0     Str+15 vs Grabs
Water becomes Ice          Reversal          VAR       4       -1          -2   Str+15 Escape, Grab two                                                                                                                        limbs
No tools                             Weapon Bind  1/2         4       +1        0     Bind Str+10

Now then one of the other things that Champions does really well is the more mystical and high power Martial Arts stuff that comes from legends, or movies or comics that you may not ever get to see in the real world. And that is the power of Chi/Ki/Qi.

In the comics this is frequently shown as special powers that can enhance a martial artist physically, boost their skills and damage, allow them to perform attacks and moves that a normal human could not do and so on.

One of my favorite methods for doing this is to basically make a power block of some kind. Multipower slots work great. Especially if they come with an Endurance Reserve. Without going into charts I think the best way to talk about this is using Iron Fist from Marvel. I could go into it deeper using the Oriental Heroes characters but this will work too.

So Iron Fist has Dragon Chi on top of his martial arts skills. The Dragon Chi gives him powers, but it has a limit to the amount of power he can put out before he is exhausted. The Endurance Reserve represents the limits on the amount of power he can channel into his maneuvers. The Multipower represents the ways he can channel that power. Like making himself faster, hit harder, play mind games, or even use his signature Iron Fist. So even without tapping into the Iron Fist chi, the character is still a Martial Artist. Still dangerous and still powerful no doubt. But this gives you a method of modeling the character just like you like them.

Octopus Style as listed above does not have a specific Chi style to use with it. But if I was going to enhance it with one I would be tempted to actually make it some kind of elemental Chi. Like Water Chi, or maybe even Lightning to set up themed powers for healing and or speed and extra damage to power moves a bit more.

You can also add weapons elements into the martial art so that your style can use a weapon with certain moves. So say some of your strikes you can use with a sword. You designate the weapon, and the moves it can be used with.

So with Octopus style you can use a rope/chain with any move that has Grab in the effect. But I put into the description that master practitioners look at that as a sign of weakness.

The last thing I wanted to mention about this method of setting up martial arts in a comic book RPG is that it allows all kinds of characters to have martial arts skills. I mean heck I don’t know if it is still cannon, but at one time even Superman was supposedly a master of two Kryptonian Martial Arts… and some game engines just wont cope with a character that has all the power of a Kryptonian, AND Martial Arts.

I hope you get the idea that the versatility and the combinations you can come up with in this system for both a martial arts framework, and adding powers to it, be they Chi or something else, allows you to make the fighter you want. The artist you want. The energist you want. And it gives you the descriptive latitude to have fun with it.

Well I hope you all enjoyed the look at martial arts in Champions.

Play nice out there. Stay safe and remember to never take any reviewers word for anything, get out there and decide for yourself what you like.

Now gimme the dice, I need to see how many moves I can roll for if I give an squid (10 limbs) octopus style.


Tales from the game table – Its a TRAP!

dm disaster mw kaluta

  • This is a strange one… It happened back in the early 1990s. I was one of the players… … …

So three adventurers walk into an inn.

Its empty.

Town outside is bustling. But there is no one in the inn at all. Everything looks good on the upkeep in the place.

Fighter decides to check out back.

Wizard wants to help himself to whatever is in the bar.

Cleric/Thief wants to leave.

  • Anyone have any idea who, if any of the party survived?

Fighter notes that in the kitchen there is no actual food. All the gear is there. But no actual food. Oh and due to some luck she notes that the back door is made out of a guillotine.

Wizard notes that every bottle is empty. There are a few dozen. There are also three kegs. Not a drop of booze in the house.

Cleric/Thief is impressed by the fact that the front door and main window are no longer there. And nobody noted them disappearing.

  • At this point the DM gave us a couple of minutes to chat and try and come up with a plan.

Everyone notes once they are back together that the main room now seems smaller. The stairs are gone and there is no door into the back.

  • Honestly had no idea what we were dealing with at that moment.

Wizard casts something to break illusions. Nothing changes.

Cleric/Thief casts Detect Trap and the whole building lights up in his eyes.

Fighter takes her ax and tries to smash into the back room only to hear part of the wall scream.

  • Do you have it yet?
  • Was it ghosts? Powerful illusions? Divine intervention?

Party finally escapes when Wizard casts Lightning Bolt and hits many points at once creating a tear that gets the party outside.

Building collapses in a blob and the town cheers. They had been watching after the party went in.

  • The entire building was made up of 554 Mimics. All working together to create an inn that could draw in bunches of people at the same time.
  • Never before imagined Mimics working together in that fashion.
  • Never want to again.

Stay safe out there everyone. And remember from my example here that our ongoing lockdown for the Corona Virus could be worse. You could be stuck in a building made of Mimics.

Now gimme the dice… I need to see how many ounces this feeding of a tiny human will take.


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Games for the young

Young gamers


Morning readers

So as you know from my last post my wife and I now have a little one in the family. And since I have a few minutes here before the next feeding of our little wiggly bundle of bloody cool I thought I would put up a question and ask for a little input.

You see even though the tiny one is just weeks old I am already plotting out how to teach the little one via the use of games. There are a lot of things that can be learned via games and so I thought I would start out by listing off a few, the appropriate age (or at least assumed age) and benefits from getting little ones to play those games.

I am going to be going outside of my usual RPG only format here, but RPGs are included.

I am also hoping that you my cool readers will honor me by bringing up games you have used to teach little ones. And even some that have been brought into the home just for their play value. I love getting recommendations and thinking ahead. So please don’t feel you have to limit yourself to any age category.

Memory – Classic matching game – 3 and up – Does just what it says. I did not put a link in this one because there are so many ways to play. Everything from buying a game to a deck of cards.

Prime Climb – Math board game – Grade 3 and up recommended. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Prime numbers too.

Scrabble – Word game – Ages 5 and up for Scrabble Junior – Spelling and vocabulary.

No Thank You Evil – RPG – Ages 5 and up – Team work, story telling, creative thinking, problem solving.

Teenagers from Outer Space – RPG – Ages 8 and up – Team work, story telling, creative thinking, problem solving.

There are a ton of others out there. You will notice that I did not post anything that requires screens. Not that I am against screens, but I dont want to be reliant on them myself.

If you have any thoughts or ideas. Or favorite games you would like to share for the younger crowd please feel free to comment or message me directly and I will add them as comments.

Ok so the little one is starting to fuss so I had best go make a bottle up.

Have fun out there, keep gaming, stay safe ( wash your hands you) and…

Gimme the dice.. I need to roll up the number of oz of formula we will be going through today ūüėČ