Ohhh the games

So some will ask, what games have I played. Well much to the annoyance of my dearest lady, I compiled the following table. Games, publishers and type. Now then this has some of the tactical, board and card games that I have played, but it does not take all of them into account, not by a long shot. I wanted to focus this list on the RPGs, but also allow it to show that I have other interests… and if we included console and computer games as well as the full list for the others… this thing would be close to a thousand games I think.

Title Publisher When Started Playing RPG Tactical Board Game Card Game
Dungeons and Dragons TSR 1979 x
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons TSR 1981 x
Star Frontiers TSR 1982 x
Top Secret TSR 1982 x
Gamma World TSR 1982 x
Marvel Super Heroes TSR 1984 x
RoleMaster I.C.E. 1985 x
M.E.R.P. I.C.E. 1985 x
Heroes Unlimited Palladium 1985 x
T.M.N.T. RPG / After the Bomb Palladium 1985 x
Battle Tech FASA 1985 x
Mechwarrior FASA 1985 x
Paranoia West End Games 1985 x
Rune Quest Avalon Hill 1985
Robotech RPG Palladium 1986 x
Star Fleet Battles Task Force Games 1986 x
DC Heroes Mayfair Games 1986 x
Champions Hero Games / I.C.E. 1986 x
Car Wars Steve Jackson Games 1986 x
Twilight 2000 Game Designers Workshop 1987 x
Teenagers From Outer space R Talisorian 1987 x
Ninjas and SuperSpies Palladium 1987 x
Super Hero 2044 Game Science 1987 x
Cyberpunk R Talsorian 1987 x
Call of Cthulhu Chaosium 1988 x
Hawkmoon Chaosium 1988 x
Stormbringer Chaosium 1988 x
Superworld Chaosium 1988 x
Traveler Game Designers Workshop 1988 x
Judge Dredd Games Workshop 1988 x
G.U.R.P.S. Steve Jackson Games 1988 x
Shadowrun (all editions) FASA 1989 x
Ninja Hero Hero Games 1989 x
Harn Columbia Games 1989 x
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Games Workshop 1989 x
TORG West End Games 1990 x
Rifts Palladium 1990 x
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition TSR 1990 x
Star Hero Hero Games 1990 x
Villians and Vigilantees Fantasy Games Unlimited 1991 x
007 Victory Games 1991 x
Talisman Games Workshop 1991 x
Tales from the Floating Vagabond Avalon Hill 1992 x
Rouge Trader Games Workshop 1992 x
Palladium Fantasy Palladium 1993 x
Dragon Quest TSR 1993 x
Fantasy Hero Hero Games 1993 x
Aftermath Fantasy Games Unlimited 1993 x
Castle Falkenstein R Talisorian 1994 x
Marvel Super Heroes SAGA TSR 1994 x
Gatecrasher Saraphim Guard 1994 x
Cyberpunk 2020 R Talisorian 1995 x
Amber Phage Press 1995 x
Blood Shadows West End Games 1995 x
Mystic China Palladium 1996 x
Battle Cattle Wingnut Games 1996 x
Deadlands Pinnacle 1997 x
Mekton Zeta R Talisorian 1997 x
Witchcraft EDEN 1997 x
Alternity TSR 1997 x
Big Eyes Small Mouth Gaurdians of Order 1997 x
Stuper Powers! Wingnut Games 1997 x
Fading Suns Holistic 1997 x
Underground Mayfair Games 1997 x
Armageddon EDEN 1998 x
Tribe 8 Dream Pod 9 1998 x
Heavy Gear Dream Pod 9 1998 x x
Star Wars d6 West End Games 1998 x
Blue Planet Biohazard Games 1998 x
CyberGeneration R Talisorian 1999 x
DreamPark R Talisorian 1999 x
Horror Hero Hero Games 1999 x
Cyber Hero Hero Games 1999 x
Yu Gi Oh Konami 1999 x
Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition Wizards of the Coast 2000 x
Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Wizards of the Coast 2000 x
Vampire White Wolf 2000 x
Nephlim Chaosium 2000 x
Werewolf White Wolf 2001 x
Providence XID Creative 2001 x
D20 Modern / Future Wizards of the Coast 2001 x
Iron Claw Sanguine 2001 x
Godsend Agenda Khepera 2001 x
Sketch Corsair 2001 x
Traveler 2300 Game Designers Workshop 2001 x
Mage White Wolf 2002 x
Godlike Hobgoblynn Press 2002 x
Spy Craft AEG 2002 x
Fuzion R Talisorian / Hero 2002 x
Jade Claw Sanguine 2002 x
Mutants and Masterminds Green Ronin 2002 x
d6 West End Games 2003 x
Changeling White Wolf 2003 x
A|State Contested Gound Studios 2003 x
TriStat Gaurdians of Order 2003 x
PsiWorld Fantasy Games Unlimited 2003 x
Neverwhere Post Mortem Studios 2003 x
Magic The Gathering Wizards of the Coast 2003 x
Hero Clix WizKids 2003 x
Wraith White Wolf 2004 x
Burning Wheel Burning Wheel 2004 x
Star Trek RPG Decipher 2004 x
Justice Inc Hero Games 2004 x
Ninja Burger Steve Jackson Games 2004 x
SLA Industries Nightfall/WOTC/others 2006 x
Dread NeoPlastic Press 2006 x
Star Quest New Dimension Games 2006 x
True 20 Green Ronin 2006 x
Robo Warriors Hero Games 2006 x
Munchkin Steve Jackson Games 2006 x x
Secret of Zir’an White Wolf 2006 x
Anima Tactics Fantasy Flight Games 2007 x
Anima Card Game Fantasy Flight Games 2007 x
Aeon/Trinity White Wolf 2008 x
Squadron U.K. Simon Burley 2008 x
Sufficently Advanced Colin Fredrics 2008 x
Qin Crucible 7 2008 x
Anima Fantasy Flight Games 2008 x
Savage Worlds Pinnacle 2008 x
Pathfinder Piazo 2009 x
Aberrant White Wolf 2009 x
Aether Silver Gryphon Games 2009 x
A Dirty World Greg Stolze 2009 x
Weapons of the Gods EOS 2009 x
Cthulhu Tech Catalyst / Wildfire 2009 x
Eclipse Phase Posthuman Studios 2009 x
Brave New World Pinnacle 2009 x
Earthdawn FASA 2010 x
Adventure White Wolf 2010 x
Atomic Highway Radioactive Ape Designs 2010 x
Judge Dredd Mongoose 2010 x
Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Wizards of the Coast 2011 x
Cyberpunk 3.0 R Talisorian 2011 x
Invulnerable Imperfekt Gammes 2012 x
Anima Prime Berengad Games 2012 x
4C Saraphim Guard 2012 x
Fate Evil Hat Productions 2013 x
Exalted White Wolf 2013 x
Jovian Chronicles Dream Pod 9 2013 x x
Super Babes Selex 2013 x
M Squad Hex Entertainment 2013 x
Edge of Empire Fantasy Flight Games 2013 x
Rouge Trader Fantasy Flight Games 2013 x
Chain of Being Limestone Publishing 2013 x
Laundry Crucible 7 2014 x
Scion White Wolf 2014 x
Ashen Stars Peligrine Press 2014 x
Mutant Epoch Outland Arts 2014 x
Warhammer Fantasy Fantasy Flight Games 2014 x
Numinera Monte Cook Games 2014 x
Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Wizards of the Coast 2015 x
Tenra Kotodama Heavy Industries 2015 x
Legends of the WuLin EOS 2015 x
Daredevils Fantasy Games Unlimited 2015 x
Doctor Who Crucible 7 2015 x
Strange Monte Cook Games 2015 x
  1. #1 by dantherpgman on April 21, 2015 - 1:26 am

    I don’t see Hol on the list, but I see lots of good stuff!


  2. #2 by authortao on April 21, 2015 - 2:40 am

    Yeah I left Hol and a couple of others off the list on purpose… heh… and that purpose is a mystery to all 🙂


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