Ohhh the games

So some will ask, what games have I played. Well much to the annoyance of my dearest lady, I compiled the following table. Games, publishers and type. Now then this has some of the tactical, board and card games that I have played, but it does not take all of them into account, not by a long shot. I wanted to focus this list on the RPGs, but also allow it to show that I have other interests… and if we included console and computer games as well as the full list for the others… this thing would be close to a thousand games I think.

I need to figure out how to update this list. It only goes to 2015 and its now 2020. Ahh maintenance.

Title Publisher When Started Playing RPG Tactical Board Game Card Game
Dungeons and Dragons TSR 1979 x
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons TSR 1981 x
Star Frontiers TSR 1982 x
Top Secret TSR 1982 x
Gamma World TSR 1982 x
Marvel Super Heroes TSR 1984 x
RoleMaster I.C.E. 1985 x
M.E.R.P. I.C.E. 1985 x
Heroes Unlimited Palladium 1985 x
T.M.N.T. RPG / After the Bomb Palladium 1985 x
Battle Tech FASA 1985 x
Mechwarrior FASA 1985 x
Paranoia West End Games 1985 x
Rune Quest Avalon Hill 1985
Robotech RPG Palladium 1986 x
Star Fleet Battles Task Force Games 1986 x
DC Heroes Mayfair Games 1986 x
Champions Hero Games / I.C.E. 1986 x
Car Wars Steve Jackson Games 1986 x
Twilight 2000 Game Designers Workshop 1987 x
Teenagers From Outer space R Talisorian 1987 x
Ninjas and SuperSpies Palladium 1987 x
Super Hero 2044 Game Science 1987 x
Cyberpunk R Talsorian 1987 x
Call of Cthulhu Chaosium 1988 x
Hawkmoon Chaosium 1988 x
Stormbringer Chaosium 1988 x
Superworld Chaosium 1988 x
Traveler Game Designers Workshop 1988 x
Judge Dredd Games Workshop 1988 x
G.U.R.P.S. Steve Jackson Games 1988 x
Shadowrun (all editions) FASA 1989 x
Ninja Hero Hero Games 1989 x
Harn Columbia Games 1989 x
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Games Workshop 1989 x
TORG West End Games 1990 x
Rifts Palladium 1990 x
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition TSR 1990 x
Star Hero Hero Games 1990 x
Villians and Vigilantees Fantasy Games Unlimited 1991 x
007 Victory Games 1991 x
Talisman Games Workshop 1991 x
Tales from the Floating Vagabond Avalon Hill 1992 x
Rouge Trader Games Workshop 1992 x
Palladium Fantasy Palladium 1993 x
Dragon Quest TSR 1993 x
Fantasy Hero Hero Games 1993 x
Aftermath Fantasy Games Unlimited 1993 x
Castle Falkenstein R Talisorian 1994 x
Marvel Super Heroes SAGA TSR 1994 x
Gatecrasher Saraphim Guard 1994 x
Cyberpunk 2020 R Talisorian 1995 x
Amber Phage Press 1995 x
Blood Shadows West End Games 1995 x
Mystic China Palladium 1996 x
Battle Cattle Wingnut Games 1996 x
Deadlands Pinnacle 1997 x
Mekton Zeta R Talisorian 1997 x
Witchcraft EDEN 1997 x
Alternity TSR 1997 x
Big Eyes Small Mouth Gaurdians of Order 1997 x
Stuper Powers! Wingnut Games 1997 x
Fading Suns Holistic 1997 x
Underground Mayfair Games 1997 x
Armageddon EDEN 1998 x
Tribe 8 Dream Pod 9 1998 x
Heavy Gear Dream Pod 9 1998 x x
Star Wars d6 West End Games 1998 x
Blue Planet Biohazard Games 1998 x
CyberGeneration R Talisorian 1999 x
DreamPark R Talisorian 1999 x
Horror Hero Hero Games 1999 x
Cyber Hero Hero Games 1999 x
Yu Gi Oh Konami 1999 x
Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition Wizards of the Coast 2000 x
Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Wizards of the Coast 2000 x
Vampire White Wolf 2000 x
Nephlim Chaosium 2000 x
Werewolf White Wolf 2001 x
Providence XID Creative 2001 x
D20 Modern / Future Wizards of the Coast 2001 x
Iron Claw Sanguine 2001 x
Godsend Agenda Khepera 2001 x
Sketch Corsair 2001 x
Traveler 2300 Game Designers Workshop 2001 x
Mage White Wolf 2002 x
Godlike Hobgoblynn Press 2002 x
Spy Craft AEG 2002 x
Fuzion R Talisorian / Hero 2002 x
Jade Claw Sanguine 2002 x
Mutants and Masterminds Green Ronin 2002 x
d6 West End Games 2003 x
Changeling White Wolf 2003 x
A|State Contested Gound Studios 2003 x
TriStat Gaurdians of Order 2003 x
PsiWorld Fantasy Games Unlimited 2003 x
Neverwhere Post Mortem Studios 2003 x
Magic The Gathering Wizards of the Coast 2003 x
Hero Clix WizKids 2003 x
Wraith White Wolf 2004 x
Burning Wheel Burning Wheel 2004 x
Star Trek RPG Decipher 2004 x
Justice Inc Hero Games 2004 x
Ninja Burger Steve Jackson Games 2004 x
SLA Industries Nightfall/WOTC/others 2006 x
Dread NeoPlastic Press 2006 x
Star Quest New Dimension Games 2006 x
True 20 Green Ronin 2006 x
Robo Warriors Hero Games 2006 x
Munchkin Steve Jackson Games 2006 x x
Secret of Zir’an White Wolf 2006 x
Anima Tactics Fantasy Flight Games 2007 x
Anima Card Game Fantasy Flight Games 2007 x
Aeon/Trinity White Wolf 2008 x
Squadron U.K. Simon Burley 2008 x
Sufficently Advanced Colin Fredrics 2008 x
Qin Crucible 7 2008 x
Anima Fantasy Flight Games 2008 x
Savage Worlds Pinnacle 2008 x
Pathfinder Piazo 2009 x
Aberrant White Wolf 2009 x
Aether Silver Gryphon Games 2009 x
A Dirty World Greg Stolze 2009 x
Weapons of the Gods EOS 2009 x
Cthulhu Tech Catalyst / Wildfire 2009 x
Eclipse Phase Posthuman Studios 2009 x
Brave New World Pinnacle 2009 x
Earthdawn FASA 2010 x
Adventure White Wolf 2010 x
Atomic Highway Radioactive Ape Designs 2010 x
Judge Dredd Mongoose 2010 x
Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Wizards of the Coast 2011 x
Cyberpunk 3.0 R Talisorian 2011 x
Invulnerable Imperfekt Gammes 2012 x
Anima Prime Berengad Games 2012 x
4C Saraphim Guard 2012 x
Fate Evil Hat Productions 2013 x
Exalted White Wolf 2013 x
Jovian Chronicles Dream Pod 9 2013 x x
Super Babes Selex 2013 x
M Squad Hex Entertainment 2013 x
Edge of Empire Fantasy Flight Games 2013 x
Rouge Trader Fantasy Flight Games 2013 x
Chain of Being Limestone Publishing 2013 x
Laundry Crucible 7 2014 x
Scion White Wolf 2014 x
Ashen Stars Peligrine Press 2014 x
Mutant Epoch Outland Arts 2014 x
Warhammer Fantasy Fantasy Flight Games 2014 x
Numinera Monte Cook Games 2014 x
Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Wizards of the Coast 2015 x
Tenra Kotodama Heavy Industries 2015 x
Legends of the WuLin EOS 2015 x
Daredevils Fantasy Games Unlimited 2015 x
Doctor Who Crucible 7 2015 x
Strange Monte Cook Games 2015 x
  1. #1 by dantherpgman on April 21, 2015 - 1:26 am

    I don’t see Hol on the list, but I see lots of good stuff!


  2. #2 by authortao on April 21, 2015 - 2:40 am

    Yeah I left Hol and a couple of others off the list on purpose… heh… and that purpose is a mystery to all 🙂


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